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You’re invited to the 2021 Local Chapters and Communities Congress

The LCCWG is excited to invite OpenStreetMap local chapters and community organisers and leaders to the 2021 Local Chapters and Communities Congress!

Local Chapters & Communities Congress poster – please share widely!

The LCCC 2021 is a virtual event where leaders and members of various OSM communities, whether they are officially recognized Local Chapters of the OSM Foundation or just a regular user group of OSM mappers, come together to share stories and learn from each other.

Last year, 35 community leaders came together from more than 20 different countries and the LCCWG is asking you to spread the word far and wide so that even more communities come to exchange knowledge and build networks this year!

The LCCC takes place online on 06 November from 1200 – 1500 UTC and you can find more details on the OSM wiki, here.

Report by the OSMF microgrants committee on the trial run of microgrants

In 2020 the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) board funded 12 OpenStreetMap projects proposed by community members, groups and organisations. All the project proposals (funded or not) are visible on the OSM wiki and some of the 12 selected proposals were presented on the OSM blog. The program was overseen by the microgrants committee, whose composition was determined by the OSMF board. Initially, the program was set to fund 10 projects with a budget of up to 5000 Euros per project and for a maximum of 50.000 Euros. The policy framework can be read here.

Report by the OSMF Microgrants Committee

The trial run of the OSMF microgrants program has now ended. You can

Project reports by grantees

Almost all projects have sent their final reports and you can read them on the OSM wiki. The respective project proposal is linked towards the top of each page.

  1. Proposal: A Free Video Tutorial for Beginners about Mapping Pacific Islands using OSM and QGIS
  2. Report: HIV facilities mapping in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap
  3. Report: Leaflets to promote OSM – see
  4. Report: Map Maintenance with StreetComplete
  5. Report: Mapping Uganda’s New Cities
  6. Report: Mapping Villages and Settlements in Kosovo
  7. Report: Road Completion project
  8. Report: OSM Ireland Buildings
  9. Report: OpenStreetMap Calendar
  10. Report: Tactile maps for blind or visually impaired children
  11. Proposal: Teaching and learning OSM in Albania through LibreTech School 
  12. Report: Water and Sanitation mapping in Nairobi’s informal settlements

More details

You can see the microgrants timeline here and find more details in the Microgrants Committee’s minutes until June 2020 and in the OSMF board minutes.


The final report by the Microgrants Committee was sent recently, so at the time of writing there is no evaluation published by the board or a decision taken on whether there will be a second microgrants round.

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Looking for moderators for OSM lists!

In December, the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) Board asked for help to instate a moderator team for the OSMF-talk and talk mailing lists. This task was passed to the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) who subsequently set up a moderation subcommittee to lead this work.

Over the last 9 months, the subcommittee has led efforts to revise the Etiquette Guidelines and Process for Moderation but it will be the role of the Moderation team to put this guidance into practice and continue to define moderation practices in OSM spaces.

Volunteers are needed from all corners of the global OpenStreetMap community to participate in this Moderation Team to lead efforts to keep the lists safe, welcoming, and inclusive. The moderators will help to steer conversations on topic and encourage effective and respectful communication on the OSMF-talk and talk mailing lists.

Interested? Please complete this form and a member of the subcommittee will be in touch. The goal is to have a team in place by the OSMF election season (aiming for the end of October), so don’t delay!