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nonprofit GIS guide released

Found this on Geowanking:

Hi folks, We released a free “Guide to Nonprofit GIS and Online Mapping” PDF this
week, aimed at staff and volunteers of NPOs, NGOs, grassroots groups,
voluntary sector organizations, etc.  It’s chock full of cartography for
a good cause, as we say.  It’s focused on free and low-cost tools and
data sources, although the data source section is currently very
US-centric.  Download at:* We’re currently seeking feedback on the guide, as well as resources
for free and low-cost data and tools that nonprofit groups outside the
USA might find useful.  Please submit your suggestions at:* We have organizations in Canada and Latin America that have expressed
an interest in producing localized versions (Spanish, Portuguese, and
French so far!).  If you’re interested in helping review a future
non-English version for accuracy, or if you know of an awesome
neogeo/community mapping project outside the US that should be included,
please email me off-list.

Mapping Facebook connections

With thanks to Peter Batty for pointing this link out:

As I’ve been digging deeper into the data I’ve gathered on 210 million public Facebook profiles, I’ve been fascinated by some of the patterns that have emerged. My latest visualization shows the information by location, with connections drawn between places that share friends. For example, a lot of people in LA have friends in San Francisco, so there’s a line between them”


With apologies to RichardF/FakeSteveC

Recently I’ve been a bit negative about potlatch and by over-extension to RichardF.

I apologise, sorry!

To make amends, I have ordered an amazing “I love you” bean:


and a awesome “you are here” tshirt:


in case Richard ever gets lost. Both are winging their way to Richards employers address with UPS express as we speak.

And just for luck, a map2 too is also enroute:


Of course this raises the vital issue, what do you buy a geek to say sorry? Admittedly I was tempted by a years subscription to The Economist. But no.

Disappointingly, FREE BEER is not purchasable online right now (but check it out: version 4 recipe now shipping)


ThinkGeeks amazing floating spinny globe is not available for international shipping:


And the LED umbrella is out of stock