Slightly alternate look for the web design.

Thinned out web design from Matt Amos. “basically to flatten the page header and reduce wasted space”

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Slightly alternate look for the web design.

  1. !i!

    IMHO we should take this as start for a discussion for a wishlist and less if exactly this design is good/bad

  2. Kai Krueger

    Those minor tweaks definitely improved things and get it to a point where imho it could be a good basis on which to continue thinking about the redesign.As you pointed out in your original blog post, in order to achieve this cleaner layout, you had to move a lot of the functionality off the main page into the "Help and more"-tab. This does have the potential to be a good and helpful move if done right, as you suddenly have much more space for the extra information. But it is functionality that we need somewhere and so puts a lot of (usability) weight on this "help and more" tab, that currently doesn’t really exist in the mockup.Do you have plans to make a more detailed mockup of the layout of the "help and more" tab? Imho, that would help people judge much better if the new design achieves its goals as it feels like it is this combination that matters.

  3. Gerv

    Might be a good opportunity to change the small blue + on the right (which looks just like the "zoom" +) for an arrow or something else which indicates that this is a pull-out.Gerv

  4. rikrd

    Looks realy nice and it does give a lot of space to the actual map, which is good. However could the search input box be a bit bigger.

  5. harrierco

    -We need the first version of help for dummieswhat-your Inbox login is the same as wiki?-openstreetmap facilitates not connect privately with others and a single login only list mail and all publiclogin on the web or login by wiki—> two inboxes-I suggest placing a site to download maps by country, OSM indicates as input data but not where to download them, the majority of users only want that-links to the wiki, facebook, web routing and other maps-Encrypt part of the email address on our mailing lists-any side I see that if is a new user download your phone maps or gps that use, or to help the project

  6. steinhardt

    I’d rather change that childish-looking logotype, but it’s alright. Not too pleased about the gradients on the bevels, or the supposed false-Aquablack feel; the really simple site we have now works, fine. Also: are people who don’t know how OSM works going to use the feedback facility to request changes?

  7. Candid Dauth

    I would make the logo on the top left a bit bigger, there seems to be some space left. Also, I think there are too many different colours, I would make the OpenLayers buttons as well as the search button dark grey like the tabs.Apart from that, I like it, but how does it scale? Your screenshot is very large, how does it look in smaller browser windows? Will the “Welcome, user” overlap the search button? I would suggest to move the search form a few pixels down and to make sure that it jumps over the tabs when the browser window is too small.

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