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The Dangers of Bespoke Open Data Licenses


Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver have joined the municipal open data
movement. They show vision in recognizing that providing detailed
information about their cities is good for their citizens, the
environment and the local economy. They should be feted for their
leadership. Thank you, Canadian cities, for believing in Open Data.

But there are risks in the waters of open data, and new swimmers
always swallow a few mouthfuls of water. In this article we analyze
the terms and conditions used by “Edmontorcouver” and find that their
data license is currently unsuitable for OpenStreetMap. And most
likely unusable everywhere else as well.

Lighthouse photo ccby DaveBleasdale on Flikr

State Of The Map 2010 » Ericsson sponsor of SotM10

Ericsson sponsor of SotM10

EricssonWe are proud to announce the first sponsor of the State of the Map 2010 in Girona: Ericsson.

Ericsson Labs, provided by Ericsson, is a portal on the web that contains beta enablers and applications, and provides an open environment for sharing information with application developers, technology partners and consumers. Ericsson Labs provides several map APIs that support OpenStreetMap for both mobile and web platforms.

Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally. Over 1,000 networks in more than 175 countries utilize our network equipment and 40 percent of all mobile calls are made through our systems. We are one of the few companies worldwide that can offer end-to-end solutions for all major mobile communication standards.

Also interested in sponsoring the State of the Map 2010? Contact the organising team for more information and to receive our sponsorship brochure at

Project of the week of March 14, 2010 — Sport Facilities

The project of the week is a fun way to get out and map something that
you might not map otherwise.

World Cup 2010 facilities in South Africa

Taking inspiration from the suggestion page we’re going to add more
sports facilities to the map. Ideally, you’ll live near the venues for
World Cup 2010 and be able to add the stadiums, surrounding roads and
points of interest. You’ll find starting points linked in the full

In your area

But you don’t have to live in South Africa to contribute sports
facilities to OSM. Add a local baseball field, hockey rink, curling
rink or football pitch to the map. Hey, why not add a dozen of them?

More details here:

Curling practice photo cc-by brianholsclaw

A better approach to municipal open data


Every municipality that is releasing open data is “doing the right
thing”, but some are doing a better job of it than others.
Municipalities are new to open data, so these teething pains should be
no surprise. The wider open data community is obliged to point out
where municipalities are falling down but we are also obliged to point
out who is opening their data more effectively.

See how well Washington DC measures up in this article.

“Thinker” statue photo CCBY by Brian Hillegas on Flickr

CycleStreets hack day

“Lessons from the Developer Day
On Saturday we held an intensive but successful event that focussed on the development challenges for CycleStreets. It was attended by computer scientists, software engineering professionals and webmasters who have experience in managing online services. This summarises some of the stuff we talked about.

Processing OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to build a Graph for Cycle Routing

We began by focussing on how CycleStreets processes OSM data into edges and vertices that can be used by a routing engine.”

What will be like tomorrow…

Just like cartmanland! “So much to do at cartmanland but you can’t come! (Especially you Stan and Kyle)”

Best of luck to everyone going, seriously 🙂 , but hope we can organise an overflow quickly…


I brought my wherecamp ’09 tshirt and everything




Does anyone have a spare wig, mustache or other disguise to get in to The liberal elite at have denied your humble author entry.

Seems there are quite a few people who can’t get in, too :-O I propose all of us proles meetup for an impromptu overflow meeting. We’ll call it RealWhereCamp.EU or something, we can do maybe fri/sat or maybe just Sat. I can organise some space probably for a meet.

Can the people please message all their members and those on the waiting list with this post? We can organise things in the comments to this post, lets see how many people are about and up for it, please tweet this post too.