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  1. Russ

    The USGS National Map has a set of WMS servers which work well with JOSM. If you’re using JOSM, and you’re willing to fiddle, but ahhhh, I repeat myself. It takes a bit of fiddling to find the right WMS. I’ve made some tools to make it easier. Strictly speaking, JOSM should have some improvements so that it knows how to access the best WMS server depending on what state you’re looking at, and what region within the state. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, hence the next paragraph. <br/>Each state has a set of WMS urls covering various portions of the state. Some have the cities in higher resolution. Others have infrared imagery. Others just show the footprint of another layer. Pick your state and pick your poison! Go to . There you will find three files for each state: a .xml which is the original capabilities file, a .osm which shows you the boundaries of each WMS, and a .wms which lists the WMS URLs. <br/>Good luck, feel free to ask me for help.

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