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Project of the Week: Which way home?


Each time a developer creates an interesting new tool to demonstrate
OSM data, mappers use that tool to improve the OSM data. When Andy
Allan and Dave Stubbs created OpenCycleMap more of us started mapping
cycle paths. The Gosmore routing engine has been available for a while
at YourNavigation and even on mobile devices.

Now there is even a demo of Gosmore running on the OSM dev server. So
the Project of the Week is to use it. We’ll be doing several things;
testing Gosmore with a little more load, checking our local dataset
for routing / connectivity errors, and having fun. Sounds perfect.

Learn more about how to improve the map in your neighbourhood.

Are you an OpenStreetMap contributor with a story to tell? Tell
others what you map, why it is interesting and how they can contribute
as well. Project of the Week is a chance for you to tell your story.
Become a Project of the Week contributor. (Or I could just keep
talking about baseball diamonds and bowling alleys. Your choice. 😉

The screenshot of Gosmore on the OSM deve server is cc-by-sa

State of the Map 2010 – Concert Contest Winner


State of the Map 2010 wasn’t all panel discussions, intense technical
debate and delicious tapas.

State of the Map 2010 was also a bit of fun. Five songs were entered
in the Concert Contest for the entertainment of the performers, and
even the audience.

In a landslide of audience opinion, Iván Sánchez Ortega’s multi-media
masterpiece, _I Need A Map_ was found to be the winner. This video is
his encore performance from Saturday in Girona. Bravo, Iván, Bravo!

Project of the Week: Siesta

I’m enjoying State of the Map in sunny Girona, Spain and my hosts have
taught me to appreciate a good siesta. Project of the week will be
back next week. Your project of the week is to offer suggestions and
recommendations for future projects.

Sleeping cat photo by REUS
Licensed ccby

MapQuest announce OpenStreetMap support.


At the first day of State of the Map 2010 in Girona, Spain, MapQuest
made two interesting announcements.

The first announcement from Randy Meech of Mapquest, was of their
interest in and support of OpenStreetMap. He said that they had been
using the OpenStreetMap stack internally for a while. Key tools
including Nominatim and Mapnik have received support from MapQuest in
the form of sponsored development recently. The first public display
of the MapQuest interest in OpenStreetMap is their new site. Visit where you will see that MapQuest is now
using OpenStreetMap data and the OpenStreetMap stack for map display,
search and navigation directions.

The second announcement was of a $1 Million open source mapping
investment fund for improving OSM data in areas covered by the

Go have a look at

Exciting news from MapQuest, on an energizing first of three days at
State of the Map 2010. Thank you Randy, and MapQuest.

Project of the Week: On Your Way To Girona

State of the Map is next weekend, and many of you are making your way
towards the beautiful Spanish weather right now. So that is the
Project of the Week. Map your travel to Girona. Make sure the
airports, railways and highways that you’ll take to Girona are on the
map. Where is the taxi stand for the local taxi company that will
take you to the airport? How about the cobbler who repaired your
favourite hiking boots? Is that shop on the map?

But Project of the Week isn’t just for those of you fortunate enough
to be meeting with so many other interesting mappers from distant
lands and varied backgrounds. Even if you aren’t coming to Griona,
how would you get there? Is this the opportunity that you were
waiting for to map your local soaring club, cycle path or skateboard
park? If you imagine that you would travel to Girona by pogo-stick,
is the pogo-stick shop on the map? Would you canoe or kayak to Spain?
Put your favourite pier and portage on the map.

Make a suggestion or submit a guest Project of the Week

Shoe repair photo by fczuardi
is licensed ccby

State of the Map 2010 – Travel plans set?


If you have just registered for State of the Map 2010 – An informative
and fun conference jam-packed with OpenGeoData Goodness, you might
want some help with your travel plans.

You’ll find some good starting points from OSM locals.

And once you arrive, you’ll want a place to stay. Check the plans of
some of the other delegates.

There is still time to register for State of the Map 2010 in Girona, Spain.

You’ll want to attend SotM 2010 to participate in, and enjoy the
Concert Contest. The suggestions coming in are great.

You’ll want to attend SotM 2010 to meet the Bard of OSM. While not an
entry in the Concert Contest, The Bard of OSM (Dermot McNally) has
presented us with an Epic Poem for Girona

You’ll want to attend SotM 2010 to cast your in-person ballot for the
OSMF board election.

You’ll find details on the six candidates for three positions, and how
to cast your proxy vote, here:

Some discussions with the candidates can be found here:
and in this thread

You’ll want to attend SotM 2010 to meet and hear from all of our
sponsors, including the two recently announced new Platinum Sponsors:



State of the Map 2010 – more updates


There is still time to register for State of the Map 2010 in Girona, Spain.

You’ll want to be there to:

Participate in, and enjoy the Concert Contest.

Who will get us all dancing with their rendition of Where the Streets
Have No Name and who will have us rolling in the aisles with My
Girona? Add yourself to the wiki page now to put yourself on the
concert schedule, or to join the OpenStreetBand to back up the other

You’ll also want to have a look at the videos on the State of the Map site.

More sponsors are showing their support for OpenStreetMap

Silver Sponsors:




Data Partner: