Project of the Week: Which way home?


Each time a developer creates an interesting new tool to demonstrate
OSM data, mappers use that tool to improve the OSM data. When Andy
Allan and Dave Stubbs created OpenCycleMap more of us started mapping
cycle paths. The Gosmore routing engine has been available for a while
at YourNavigation and even on mobile devices.

Now there is even a demo of Gosmore running on the OSM dev server. So
the Project of the Week is to use it. We’ll be doing several things;
testing Gosmore with a little more load, checking our local dataset
for routing / connectivity errors, and having fun. Sounds perfect.

Learn more about how to improve the map in your neighbourhood.

Are you an OpenStreetMap contributor with a story to tell? Tell
others what you map, why it is interesting and how they can contribute
as well. Project of the Week is a chance for you to tell your story.
Become a Project of the Week contributor. (Or I could just keep
talking about baseball diamonds and bowling alleys. Your choice. 😉

The screenshot of Gosmore on the OSM deve server is cc-by-sa

4 thoughts on “Project of the Week: Which way home?

  1. nroets

    Yes, it was over eager about routing down pedestrian ways and that fix will run tomorrow morning. But it will still consider the cases where dismounting and walking on them is the shortest or fastest route.If you want to keep bicycles out completely, add a barrier. But not all barriers are currently supported.

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