MapQuest announce OpenStreetMap support.


At the first day of State of the Map 2010 in Girona, Spain, MapQuest
made two interesting announcements.

The first announcement from Randy Meech of Mapquest, was of their
interest in and support of OpenStreetMap. He said that they had been
using the OpenStreetMap stack internally for a while. Key tools
including Nominatim and Mapnik have received support from MapQuest in
the form of sponsored development recently. The first public display
of the MapQuest interest in OpenStreetMap is their new site. Visit where you will see that MapQuest is now
using OpenStreetMap data and the OpenStreetMap stack for map display,
search and navigation directions.

The second announcement was of a $1 Million open source mapping
investment fund for improving OSM data in areas covered by the

Go have a look at

Exciting news from MapQuest, on an energizing first of three days at
State of the Map 2010. Thank you Randy, and MapQuest.