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State of the Map 2010 – Sponsor update

A couple of additional sponsors have confirmed their return appearance
for State of the Map 2010! Both of these companies are supporting
State of the Map at the Silver sponsorship level.

Returning from sponsoring in 2009:


Curly Brackets

Returning to sponsor SotM for the third consecutive year:


ITO World

There are still a few sponsorship spots available. Act now to meet and
greet with a wide cross-section of the movers and shakers of the
OpenStreetMap community.

Image of the Week: OSM data on a train

From Simon Clayson’s Flickr stream, we learn:

Great Western Trains have some seats with airline style LCD
“entertainment” screens. More interesting than paying £1.50 to watch
an episode of Friends is the “You are exactly here” screen which is
free. And it uses Open Street Map! Good work Volo TV.

Simon also tells us that the maps are attributed. He says, There’s
a big notice as you arrive on the page that thanks the “Contributors
of OpenStreetMap”

Photo of OSM map on VOLO:TV by Simon Clayson.
The photo is licensed cc-nc-nd

OSM HeatMaps in the browser w/ OpenLayers


Felipe Barriga Richards writes on his blog:

After been working sometime with OpenLayers I figure out
how to make heatmaps generated in the user browser. Now I’m using
OpenStreetMap for both map and data.

Another wonderful tool building upon the wonderful tool that is

I can’t wait until Felipe releases his code so I can try this myself.

See the rest of Felipe’s article and more demonstration videos at:…

Icons for data browser pages


Dan Karran notes an improvement in OSM.

I posted a while back about some tinkering I’d been doing
with the OpenStreetMap data browser pages, adding icons to nodes and
ways when they’re shown in a list. I’m happy to see that TomH has now
pushed those changes live.

Nice one, Dan!

See more of what Dan had to say in his post



There are bugs everywhere. There are even some errors in OpenStreetMap
data. OpenStreetBugs is a site that allow folks to quickly report a
problem with or question about specific OSM data. Have a look at OpenStreetBugs
near you and help clear some of the existing bugs by helping the
reporter with a tagging problem, or visiting the site for a quick
survey and re-tagging.

State of the Map 2010 – Concert contest

The upcoming State of the Map conference, 2010 edition is going to be
loaded with great presentations, awesome workshops and more Mappy
Goodness than you can shake a stick at. But it will also be a lot of
fun. Some of the fun will be the ad-hoc enjoyment of a thoughtful
cartography conversation among peers. Some of the fun will be
learning about and enjoying the culture and hospitality of our hosts
in Girona, Spain. And some of the fun will be singing songs about
maps at the top of our lungs.

The SotM 2010 organizing committee sends us the following contest challenge:

Do you remember the 2008 Limerick Limerick contest?

And the 2009 Amsterdam Haikus?

Then you should be asking yourself “What kind of poetry will we have
to master this SotM10?”. Unfortunately for you, this year there won’t
be a poetry contest.

This time we’ll be doing something different. As the State of the Map
2010 venue is actually a concert hall, we’ll host the first official
OpenStreetMap Concert Contest.

The rules are simple:

* Make a song, or change the lyrics of an existing song. The song
must be about OSM, maps, GPS, GIS software, or cartography.
* You may assemble a band to play the song together (or play solo).
* You may use the concert hall A/V facilities (amplifiers, audio
inputs, video playback, etc). Please do talk with the SotM10
organising committee if you plan to.
* You will be required to play the song during SotM10.

Get the full details and sign up for a spot on stage:

Concert photo by Foxtongue is
licensed CCBY

New users have to sign up to the ODbL

After several thousand man years of effort by the License Working Group and a bit of help by TomH, the new contributor terms and license are up and to be agreed to by new users.

Signing up here in OSM:

will take you here:

where essentially you are signing up to the existing CCBYSA plus the ODbL (Open Database License).

This is one step along the long path to moving to the ODbL. For all your fun ODbL needs, check out the wiki page:

Why is this step being taken? Basically, it bounds the problem of moving to a license which actually protects and clarifies the uses of OSMs data. Otherwise, the number of people who have to move grows every day. From now on, it is a bounded problem of only the users before today. Several further steps will need to be taken to actually move to the ODbL.

I’d like to thank all those involved in the ODbL and the LWG for all their hard work over the last two or so years in making this small step happen.

And, remember, if you have any concerns or objections then they’ve likely already to have been discussed at the above wiki page(s), or you’re welcome to be involved with the change process by joining the legal mailing list and/or joining the LWG calls.

Image of the Week: Rebooting European Air Travel


A frame from itoWorld’s visualisation of flights after the volcano video.

See the entire video:
[vimeo w=500&h=283]

This is a Featured image, which means that it has been identified as
one of the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or that it provides
a useful illustration of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on
Featured image proposals.