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Survey on global and local communities in OpenStreetMap

Image by Harry Wood. Background by Michael Belew (public domain).
OSM logo by Ken Vermette (cc-by-sa & trademarks apply)

In advance of State of the Map 2019, with this survey we are reaching out to communities across the globe, especially to voices we might not otherwise hear. This will not be a quantitative poll. Since we are circulating this through all our networks, it can’t even give a representative sample of the OSM community. 

The next big thing is State of the Map (SotM), and we want to feed the discussions there. SotM is the place where people from all over the world meet and mingle, and in this survey we would like to focus on communication and what is happening around the world. What are people doing in Bali, Belarus and Brazil? Is there a local community? What can we learn from each other? How do we all get involved in the global community? 

We would like to see how the local communities are connected to the global OpenStreetMap community. What actions should the OpenStreetMap Foundation undertake? What concerns and ideas does they community have? Please note that this is in no way a vote, but rather a means of gathering information to take better informed decisions. 

We encourage people to get together and discuss and even provide group answers. You can choose to provide answers only to the Board, or indicate they be shared publicly but anonymously.

End of survey period: 2019-08-21

Ability to resume answering: yes.

Note: Please have javascript enabled and make sure your ad-blocker does not interfere. You might want to save any free-text answers on a text document and then paste them on the survey. If you encounter any problems, please email

On privacy

We will collect all answers. Answers might contain personal information that you provided, such as country, OSM username, email address, years of mapping, whether you identify as a mapper/OSMF member/etc.

  • You don’t have to answer any question, except the first one, about consent.
  • Please email for privacy matters regarding the questionnaire.

On translations

Community members have volunteered and translated the survey in their languages. Thanks!

Links you can share
English (Base language):
Chinese (Simplified):
Chinese (Traditional; Hong Kong):
Portuguese (Brazilian):

Helping with translations
If you want to help translating answers from the above languages, please sign this non-disclosure agreement and send it to with subject “Helping with translations in [language]”. Thank you.

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