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Working Group Summary

These summaries do not replace the formal minutes of the working groups, they are intended to be a quick and easy summary of recent topics before the working groups.

Communication Working Group

31 January 2011 – The CWG continued minor improvements to the OSMF blog web site. SotM was announced for Denver. CWG seeks OSM contributors who would like to translate materials for the OSMF web site.

Scheduled CWG meetings on 14 and 28 February 2011 were canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

License Working Group

01 February 2011 – Mike and Diane from Creative Commons joined the call and learned more about the OSM license upgrade to ODbL. Reviewed draft of CT v1.2.4 and started translation for international versions. An informal poll regarding per-changeset re-licensing was created. AND indicated their support for ODbL. Initiated contact with several web sites, etc. using OSM without the required attribution. Refer to Creative Commons community for guidance re OSM map in TV program.

08 February 2011 – LWG notes guidance from the board that waiting two or more years for Creative Commons to publish an acceptable data license is not in the best interests of OSM. Minimal response to the per-changeset re-licensing poll; 2 for; 2 indifferent. Translations of CT v1.2.4 are pending. Continued to pursue other attribution issues with contacts at several sites. No response from Creative Commons Community on CCBySA materials within TV shows or ads.

15 February 2011 – French translation of CT v1.2.4 in progress, information regarding the Italian translation is pending. Only five respondents to the per-changeset re-licensing poll; three for; two indifferent. LWG will not recommend creating tools to help manage this data. DWG has offered to help the individuals who wish to remove their questionable data and accept CT/ODbL. Extended poll to talk-gb for additional feedback. Geocaching.com has OSM options on their beta site and have improved their attribution, though a few lingering typos remain. SimpleGeo.com use OSM on a beta site. Attribution was corrected after contacting them. Still no reply for Ben Last / Nearmap regarding discussion in January. LWG decided against permitting revocation of CT acceptance.

22 February 2011 – French translation still in progress, information regarding the Italian translation is still pending. Coding for CT v1.2.4 is complete and pending review. CloudMade aware of their clients with attribution deficiencies; their tools ship with attribution on by default. GeoCaching.com aware of typos and fixing asap. SimpleGeo.com missed attribution on their live site as well and fixed it when notified. A new attribution / license deficiency came to the attention of LWG. CapeTownBicycleMap.co.za “didn’t use OSM but did look at colours for inspiration.”

01 March 2011 – adding decline button to CT page is in progress. CT v1.2.4 is live on http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/Contributor_Terms and pending on OSM.org. Other attribution deficiencies are in progress. Report of an iPhone app with correct attribution that was later removed.

Strategic Working Group

04 February 2011 – Further review of budgeting process; could be simpler. Review and revisions to tile policy and scorecard. Routing services scorecard and policy to follow.

11 February 2011 – Draft budget work flow document to be simplified further. Review tile policy and score card. Recommended the draft tile policy and score card to board for acceptance. Review of wikimapia use for discussion next week. First review of routing score card and policy.

18 February 2011 – Review simplified budget documents. To be referred to board for acceptance. Feedback from board on tile policy, “Clarify preference for non-commercial tiles.”

25 February 2011 – Budget recommendation forwarded to the board. Clarified “non-commercial” section of tile policy. Tile policy to be returned to the board for acceptance. Discussed Wikimapia and referred to the board without comment. Mikel to miss upcoming meetings due to travel; Henk to chair in the absence of Mikel. The SWG notes the withdrawal of Milo van der Linden from SWG and thanks him for his contributions.

04 March 2011 – Chaired by Henk Hoff. Steven to revise budget docs based on board feedback and discuss next week. Response on revised tile policy pending. Wikimapia was referred to board. Discussion routing services, particularly the merits of public facing routing service vs quality tool for mappers. Discussion to continue on mailing list and next week.

Working Group Summary

Wow. Look at the time. Has it already been three weeks since the last Working Group summary? Why yes, it has. Three weeks and a few days. Sorry about that.  If you like this type of summary, offer feedback in the comments to encourage members of each working group to provide summaries.

Communication Working Group (CWG) 08 Nov 2010

Analytics shows pleasantly high traffic.  Thanks!  Checking settings re RSS feeds.  Discussion of OSMF web site reorganization and theming, target groups for OSMF messages.

Licensing Working Group (LWG) 09 Nov 2010

Revisions to CT(1).  Noted attribution issues in an advertising campaign.  SteveC to follow up.

Board meeting 10 Nov 2010

Google Maps Colombia have removed OSM data after SteveC brought the issue to their attention. They have a one month cache on those tiles so the data may still appear.

Nike have properly attributed OSM in latest Nike Grid campaign except in television commercial and arguably in online videos.

Strategy Working Group (SWG) 11 Nov 2010

Sam to prepare tile policy document on OSM wiki.  Discussion to continue on matters relating to third-party project hosting and financial support.

Communication Working Group (CWG) 15 Nov 2010

Meeting postponed

Licensing Working Group (LWG) 16 Nov 2010

Two guests for this meeting.  Eric Rodenback of Stamen discussed scope of Stamen involvement in NikeGrid campaign, some of which has correct OSM / CC-By-SA attribution.  Richard Fairhurst offered suggestions for CT v1.2.

SteveC advises that Google Maps in Colombia use a one-month cache, so data removed may continue to be visible for a few weeks.  Original reporter to advise.

Communication Working Group (CWG) 22 Nov 2010

CWG is now looking at incoming communication to the Foundation.  How can this be improved?  Why not test a communication channel and use the comments below?

Licensing Working Group (LWG) 23 Nov 2010

Meeting shortened due to low availability of members.  Richard to forward CT 1.2 to legal for comment.

Data Working Group (DWG) 24 Nov 2010

12nm data offer relies on an unacceptable license.  Data not adopted.

Board Meeting 24 Nov 2010

The board recognized Steve Coasts position at Bing and congratulated him.  No conflict of interest is inherent in Steve’s position at Bing and on the OSMF board.  All board members are obliged to excuse themselves when matters of potential conflict of interest arise.

Email from research group seeks official recognition of their use of OSM.  It was suggested that they may have an advantage in their funding by obtaining official recognition.  Simone to draft generic response to groups using OSM in their research since OSM license already grants permission.

Anonymous participation in Board and WG meetings can not be permitted as Conflicts of Interest can not be properly declared and anonymity maintained.

StateoftheMap Organizing Committee / SotM WG  24 Nov 2010

Options for additional sponsorship levels and amounts were discussed.  Eventbright proposed for registration based on success in previous uses.  Accepted separation of sponsorship from speaking opportunities. Vendor stage and exhibition hall discussed.

Considered lightning talks, workshops and BoFs and best ways to implement these with “right level” of organization.

Upcoming tasks are, update web site for 2011, announce call for logos, call for papers, call for sponsors.

Strategy Working Group (SWG) 25 Nov 2010

TWG to receive, evaluate and act on requests for guest tile layers.  Policy on guest tile layers subject to change without warning.

Licensing Working GroupLicensing Working Group

Working Group Summary

Working Group Summary from 19 October to 04 November 2010

The second instalment of these periodic OSMF updates includes information from five Working groups and the OSMF Board.

Summary of License Working Group call of 19 October 2010

Meeting shortened due to only four in attendance.  Previous minutes approved.

Group discussion of “Scope 2” item from “Open Issues” page on the wiki.  Potential solution to be considered by entire group on next call.

Summary of Data Working Group call of 20 October 2010

The parties in a tagging dispute and endless mutual edit reversions requested intervention by the DWG.  The community advised the parties to behave.  Further edit-wars will be met with sanctions in the form of account blocks.

Suspected use of OSM data without proper attribution was brought to the attention of DWG. Assigned for contact by a DWG member.

Summary of SotM Working group call of 20 October 2010

Continued selection process from 06 October 2010 meeting.  – Vienna, Addis Abbaba, Cuba, Denver and Tallin submitted bids. Denver was selected.

Summary of License Working Group call of 26 October 2010

LWG considered a major revision to CT 1, potentially reducing it to some equivalent of the wikipedia terms, “Content that violates any third-party copyrights will be deleted.”

The discussion of “Scope 2” was raised with the LWG and discussed.  The proposed solution of user acceptance and per-changeset opt-out was met with general approval.  Further reflection and discussion to consider how this interacts with potential change to CT1.

Summary of OSMF Board call of 29 October 2010

The OSMF board will meet in person in Pisa, Italy on the weekend of 16 December 2010

The board meetings will be held weekly from next Wednesday onwards to increase throughput and reduce reaction times.

The initiative of a SOTM-EU for next year is welcomed by the board but it is unlikely that active support can be expected from the board or the working groups due to limited resources, which will focus on the main SOTM in Denver. The recent (main) SOTM conferences have provided a net income to the OSMF financials and therefore the board does not see a need to provide funding to any regional SOTM.

Summary of Communication Working Group call of 01 November 2010

Analytics configured and implemented for blog.osmfoundation.org (this blog)

CWG approached for link from osm.org to OpenGeoData.org.  Deferred until larger conversation on osm.org front page revisions.  Existing link to OGD from blogs.openstreetmap.org with other community blogs.

CWG still seeks guidance from theme / style -knowledgeable folks in mediawiki and WordPress.  Do you know about these things?  Help point us in the right direction!

CWG to continue to solicit other WGs to assist in these summaries.

Summary of License Working Group call of 02 November 2010

Further discussion of reducing CT 1 to a very short clause somewhat similar to Wikipedia’s “Content that violates any third-party copyrights will be deleted.”

LWG notes the prompt reaction to and resolution of a license issue in Colombia.  Thank you to all involved in this resolution.

A use of OSM data in a television commercial without attribution was brought to the attention of the LWG.  Requires community input.

Summary of Data Working Group call 03 November 2010

Previously mentioned contact (Oct 26) still pending.

Continued encouragement for DWG to take responsibility for moderation on mailing lists, etc.  Members of DWG have little enthusiasm for this proposal.

DWG are monitoring the response of company regarding improper attribution of OSM data in Chile.

DWG are following up an offer for improved data regarding an official source of 12nm data.

Summary of OSMF Board call of 03 November 2010

Backlog tasks were assigned for resolution.

Summary of SotM Working group call of 03 November 2010

Introductions between Denver local team and OSMF team.

Summary of Strategic Working Group IRC Chat of  04 November 2010

Initial working meeting for the Strategic Working Group was held on IRC in #osm-strategic.  With a full dozen in attendance discussion was lively on the matter of setting a policy for including additional tile layers on the osm.org front page.  This conversation will continue at the next meeting.

Working Group Summary

This is a summary of the recent activities of the OSMF Working Groups. While it strives to be an accurate report, the official minutes are to be considered accurate when this summary differs from them.  The intent is for these periodic summaries to include information from more working groups and board meetings.  This is the first summary so it probably deserves some background.


When the new OSMF board was formed for 2010, a task was set to new board members Emilie Laffray and Oliver Kühn to “make OSMF better at communicating”. They formed the OSMF Communication Working Group and invited Harry Wood and Richard Weait to participate in the initial plans for the group.

Initial discussions looked at all of the current forms of communication in which the OSMF participates. This was a long and diverse list and was frankly overwhelming. So it was decided to tighten the scope of the CWG, at least initially, to “Make OSMF better
at communicating with the OSMF members and wider OSM community.”

That goals was formalized and presented to the OSMF Board during a recent board meeting as:

CWG currently has four members and will expand according to opportunity and need. CWG will focus initially on outgoing communication from OSMF Board and Working Groups to OSMF members, OSM community and the public. CWG will continue to monitor and consider other communication channels for opportunities to improve communication. CWG see the openstreetmap.org web site as within scope of CWG, but not a top priority.

CWG will continue with weekly or bi-weekly meetings according to availability and current tasks. CWG will make use of the currently dormant blog.osmfoundation.org (this blog), as an official OSMF Board and Working Group announcement source. This will cross-link generously with OpenGeoData.org which is a source of OSM-related news and commentary. CWG will encourage regular use of blog.osmfoundation.org for periodic summaries of Working Group activities and OSMF Board business.

That brings us up to date to the recent CWG meeting on 06 October 2010.

Summary of Communication Working Group meeting of 06 October 2010

The CWG recognized that Hurricane Coast had volunteered to join the CWG and her offer was unanimously accepted. Hurricane is expected to join the CWG as of 11 October 2010.

Harry is leading the review of current OSMF / OSM communication channels. This review will continue for the foreseeable future.

Apart from content, and making better use of blog.osmfoundation.org, the CWG would like to tidy up the OSMF web sites a bit. CWG seeks technical guidance on this topic and those with both MediaWiki skinning and WordPress theming experience are welcome to share their thoughts with CWG on this matter.

CWG have asked the OSMF Board for permission to pick up the OSMF logo competition which seems to have fallen dormant.

CWG to summarize CWG activities in a “human-readable” format and post them to blog.openstreetmap.org

Summary of OSMF Board Meeting of 07(?) October 2010

A first face-to-face meeting of the new board is planned for the week-end of the 12th December.

A request for a financial support for a OSM related project came up: It was decided to let the Strategic Working Group establish a policy for under which circumstances financial support can be granted. In addition it was discussed to set up a “pin board” that serves as exchange for specific sponsoring opportunities: projects that require funding and people/companies that want to sponsor can find each other.

A task was established to evaluate how operational spendings can be approved without waiting for a board meeting.

It was decided that no exceptions will made for the new contributor terms – regardless of the contributions of any (potential) user.

Summary of Communication Working Group meeting of 11 October 2010

The first order of business for the Communication Working Group meeting of 11 October 2010 was to welcome new participant Hurricane Coast. The first CWG blog post, a summary of recent Board and Working Group minutes is expected on or about Thursday 14 October 2010. A twitter account for CWG or the Foundation Board was considered but it was decided to use the existing @openstreetmap account until a clear requirement for a CWG account arises.

Analytics has been added to osmfoundation.org to assist in measuring interest in the various pages of the osmfoundation site. CWG would like to get an idea of the interest in various pages on OpenGeoData.org as well. What interests the community. What would the community like for us to communicate about?

Summary of License Working Group Meeting 12 October 2010

This meeting was largely a summary of outstanding issues around existing imports, derivation and ODbL/CT.  According to the import catalogue only 13 cases rely upon only CC-By-SA, they effect (Poland 1, Germany 5, Czech Republic 1, Wikipedia 1, France 1, Sweden 1, The Netherlands 2, UK 1, Australia 1).  Only 10 rely upon only CC-By, they effect (Australia 9 (possibly + 2 more?),  New Zealand 1)

With so few cases in play, direct discussion to negotiate required permissions is possible.

The new UK Open Government license will have to be watched as it may be compatible with future OSM.

A review of the Contributor Terms is in progress.  Some terms are being reviewed by counsel, others have been reviewed and will be unchanged.

LWG considered adding a Hall of Shame, to list alleged OSM license violations as they are brought to the attention of the LWG.

Summary of Communication Working Group meeting of 18 October 2010

Nothing substantial to report.  Next meeting 01 November 2010.