Working Group Summary

These summaries do not replace the formal minutes of the working groups, they are intended to be a quick and easy summary of recent topics before the working groups.

Communication Working Group

31 January 2011 – The CWG continued minor improvements to the OSMF blog web site. SotM was announced for Denver. CWG seeks OSM contributors who would like to translate materials for the OSMF web site.

Scheduled CWG meetings on 14 and 28 February 2011 were canceled due to scheduling conflicts.

License Working Group

01 February 2011 – Mike and Diane from Creative Commons joined the call and learned more about the OSM license upgrade to ODbL. Reviewed draft of CT v1.2.4 and started translation for international versions. An informal poll regarding per-changeset re-licensing was created. AND indicated their support for ODbL. Initiated contact with several web sites, etc. using OSM without the required attribution. Refer to Creative Commons community for guidance re OSM map in TV program.

08 February 2011 – LWG notes guidance from the board that waiting two or more years for Creative Commons to publish an acceptable data license is not in the best interests of OSM. Minimal response to the per-changeset re-licensing poll; 2 for; 2 indifferent. Translations of CT v1.2.4 are pending. Continued to pursue other attribution issues with contacts at several sites. No response from Creative Commons Community on CCBySA materials within TV shows or ads.

15 February 2011 – French translation of CT v1.2.4 in progress, information regarding the Italian translation is pending. Only five respondents to the per-changeset re-licensing poll; three for; two indifferent. LWG will not recommend creating tools to help manage this data. DWG has offered to help the individuals who wish to remove their questionable data and accept CT/ODbL. Extended poll to talk-gb for additional feedback. has OSM options on their beta site and have improved their attribution, though a few lingering typos remain. use OSM on a beta site. Attribution was corrected after contacting them. Still no reply for Ben Last / Nearmap regarding discussion in January. LWG decided against permitting revocation of CT acceptance.

22 February 2011 – French translation still in progress, information regarding the Italian translation is still pending. Coding for CT v1.2.4 is complete and pending review. CloudMade aware of their clients with attribution deficiencies; their tools ship with attribution on by default. aware of typos and fixing asap. missed attribution on their live site as well and fixed it when notified. A new attribution / license deficiency came to the attention of LWG. “didn’t use OSM but did look at colours for inspiration.”

01 March 2011 – adding decline button to CT page is in progress. CT v1.2.4 is live on and pending on Other attribution deficiencies are in progress. Report of an iPhone app with correct attribution that was later removed.

Strategic Working Group

04 February 2011 – Further review of budgeting process; could be simpler. Review and revisions to tile policy and scorecard. Routing services scorecard and policy to follow.

11 February 2011 – Draft budget work flow document to be simplified further. Review tile policy and score card. Recommended the draft tile policy and score card to board for acceptance. Review of wikimapia use for discussion next week. First review of routing score card and policy.

18 February 2011 – Review simplified budget documents. To be referred to board for acceptance. Feedback from board on tile policy, “Clarify preference for non-commercial tiles.”

25 February 2011 – Budget recommendation forwarded to the board. Clarified “non-commercial” section of tile policy. Tile policy to be returned to the board for acceptance. Discussed Wikimapia and referred to the board without comment. Mikel to miss upcoming meetings due to travel; Henk to chair in the absence of Mikel. The SWG notes the withdrawal of Milo van der Linden from SWG and thanks him for his contributions.

04 March 2011 – Chaired by Henk Hoff. Steven to revise budget docs based on board feedback and discuss next week. Response on revised tile policy pending. Wikimapia was referred to board. Discussion routing services, particularly the merits of public facing routing service vs quality tool for mappers. Discussion to continue on mailing list and next week.

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