Weekly OSM Summary #12

02/24/2011 – 03/09/2011
A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world:

  • Registration for the SOTM.EU is now open. Early bird tickets are 60€. The organizing team announced, that they’ve confirmed Steve Coast as a keynote speaker. The Call for Papers was also extended till 20th of March.
  • MapQuest enabled bicycle and pedestrian routing for the whole world. Transit routing is now available for six cities in the US.
  • The OSM User Groups Map got a new domain http://usergroups.openstreetmap.de/.
  • A map of the highway status in France http://beta.letuffe.org/ (from red to blue)
  • poi.openstreetmap.nl provides a POI-Export function for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • A neat data visualization video showing public transport in Rennes using OSM data donated by the city of Rennes.
  • ITO World is working on ITO Map, a future map rendering service.
  • The 100,000,000th way was recently added to the database.
  • The OSM History Viewer has been repaired and is working again.
  • For South-East Asia there (German) is a visualization available, which shows unmapped streets and waterways. In the map you can find objects which are only available in Google and not in OSM.
  • Walking Papers is testing some new print features and needs your help.
  • Jochen Topf has developed a tile server for Tirex using Node.js
  • Christoph Eckert is generating preprocessed OSM maps for MoNav on the German dev server.
  • OSM2World is a converter that creates a three-dimensional model of the world based on OpenStreetMap data. The model can be exported to different formats.”
  • OpenStreetMap is planning to participate in the Google Summer of Code again this year. Ideas will be collected here.
  • The developers that worked on some awesome new features during the OpenLayers Mobile Code Sprint are looking for people to test of the new stuff.
  • The Google Sketchup Plugin has its own wikipage now.
  • The Firefox-plugin “Operator” extracts so-called mikroformat-information of websites (for example addresses). User:FrViPofm has extend the tool for OSM and is searching for further active developers now, who are willing to translate the French tool into several languages.
  • A new build of Maperitive supports SRTM1 and custom digital elevation models (DEMS) now.
  • pyTrainer is a tool for Linux with a focus on ForeRunner. It can display GPS-tracks in graphs, maps and uses OSM in its current version. An article about this topic can be found here HanBlog.net (German).
  • The company Omniscale announced a free OSM parser (imposm.parser).
  • OpenTrail, an Android OSM app for walkers and hikers, has been released.
  • With the new version of the “Open GPS Tracker” Android app, you can now upload GPX files directly to the OSM server.
  • Fixing things in the OSM database without actually knowing what you’re doing is always a bad idea – here’s a recent example.
  • An iPhone app was causing several outages and periods of slowness last week due to an abusive breach of our tile usage policy.

Authors: Pascal,Jonas & Dennis
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