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Mapping Parties, Demos Talks – Its all happening in Victoria, Canada

by Nick Black

OpenStreetMap is coming to Victoria, Canada. There’s going to be a load of OSM related activities in the city that boasts Canada’s mildest winter temperatures.

OpenStreetMap Mapping Party Sat 22nd – Mon 24th September
OSM mapping around the conference area Monday 24th September
OSM talk at FOSS4G Tuesday 25th September
OSM demo session Wednesday 26th September
Post FOSS4G Code Sprint Friday 28th September

So if you are in the area, come along and join in the mapping fun. The usual stuff applies – its open to anyone, we have GPS units, its fun, sign up here

Holland is 5% done

The Dutch Statistics department calculated that there is 141,251 km of road in the Netherlands. In the OSM database 6,833 km are accounted for. That is almost 5%!

From the big cities, the following is done:
1. The Hague: 545 km
2. Amsterdam: 403 km
3. Utrecht: 313 km

Rotterdam is almost white space. It needs another 2,100 km! You can help this weekend!

The top 10:

1. Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten 46.8%
2. Heiloo 45.8%
3. ‘s-Gravenhage 43.5%
4. Leidschendam-Voorburg 38.8%
5. Schermer 32.9%
6. Delft 29.2%
7. Utrecht 27.0%
8. Boxtel 26.8%
9. Waterland 24.4%
10. Bussum 23.9%

We are almost done in Bennebroek: only 21 km to do! (of a total of 21 km).


Lots of developers at the linuxhotel in Essen, Germany for the developer weekend.

Right now it’s Saturday morning and we’re making a quick mind map of people and interests.

More as the weekend continues… I didn’t get round to updating this what with lack of connectivity these past few days so have a look at the results page

OpenStreetMap subsidised in the Netherlands

The Dutch branch of OpenStreetMap received a grant of 12.000 euro! The goal is to organise ten mapping parties in the coming nine months. Focus will be on mapping Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague and – most importantly – to get the community jump started in the Netherlands.

Last week was the first try-out party. With a group of 10 people we started with the centre of Amsterdam. Check out the results:

Bristol restrospective

The Bristol mapping party was a week ago now, and we collected some great data:

We were at the Watershed and had about 40 people turn up in all. We almost ran out of GPS units despite the rain, and some good social events happened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Laurence and I did an interview you can here here with the local radio station. All in all a good weekend!

Thanks very much to all who helped.