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Party on

Some upcoming mapping parties and events to mention!

London mapping party retrospective

An enormously good time was had at the London mapping party this weekend just gone. We all met up at multimaps offices to divide up the city on Saturday morning and then went out and got on with it. A hour or two at lunchtime led to a lot of applet use (and mutterings about its various shortcomings) an data entered. Then off for an afternoon and the pub for drinks and food. Sunday saw much morning mapping and then nestoria-sponsored drinks. A lot done and a lot of mapping talk! :-) Special thanks to Dutch_DK for the above animation.

London mapping party this weekend – final details!

are kindly sponsoring office space for the meetup this weekend to map central London. Saturday 10am, their offices is the start time – all the info is over here.

have kindly offered to sponsor celebratory drinks after mapping on Sunday at the wind down! This’ll be at the John Snow in SOHO (see the wiki page for more.

It’s shaping up to be an awsome weekend!

State of the Map dates confirmed!

Thanks to the generous support from the School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester we have dates and location confirmed for the first OSM conference!

  • 14th and 15th July 2007
  • Manchester university (map)

This means if you want to go to guadec then you can straight afterwards. We have a wiki page for organising things, please help by hacking it, adding transport ideas etc for people considering coming.

OSMonth Day 12.5

Spent this morning doing boring tax things, so a half day to come. Stuff done

  • (actually a couple of days ago) moved map page to point at almiens new osmarender home on the dev server.
  • Map parties! Theres one in in London on 27-28th January. Then in Bristol on 24th-25th Feb. The another in Sheffield on 24th-25th March
  • Trying to confirm a good venue for london meet
  • More initial page and FIXMEs for Bristol meet. Mailed a bunch of people in Bristol for help with venues etc
  • Contacted sheflug (mail to their list is pending moderator approval) about help with organising the Sheffield party. Venue recommendations etc.
  • Replied to a ton of mail. Fixed link on freethepostcode and in svn
  • added lots of languages (all of ‘em) to’s mailman, but I don’t see that it’s done any difference. (i18n on the info pages, not lots more lists).
  • Went out mapping for an hour, tagged it all up. I’m ashamed to say there is still stuff near me unmapped!

No OSMonth today

Or yesterday. I got called away to do some other work relating to previous contracts I’ve worked on. Tomorrow is the winter solstice meetup in Birmingham, come along. My birthday is next week and then it’s xmas so whilst there won’t be many consecutive days work on OSMonth as I’d like they will of course all still happen and be blogged here. In the meantime here’s a map to contemplate:

This week on the OpenStreetMap list…

OpenStreetMap is growing. There are now around 2,800 users, with a Wiki, a forum, four English speaking mailing lists, a German list and as of today, a French list. With such a quickly growing community we thought it would be cool to sift through the map talk, flames and legal debates and put together a highlight of the best bits from the week on the list. So here we go.

There has been lots of talk about the new phenomena of “Mapping Parties” that is sweeping through the OSM community. Last weekend OSM people were mapping Bath, and there are planned events comming up in Reading, Brighton, Rutland and the New Forest. If you live in the North and feel left out, then don’t. Chorley doesn’t have a map, and it seems that OSM are the perfect people to make them one.

Free The Postcode, OSM’s sister project which is all about making a free database of UK postcodes, hit it’s 1000th postcode recently. With a Geocoder and now with each postcode linked to an editable discription (eg SW1A 0AA, you can leave feedback about bad postcodes, or start a thread about your favourite one.

FreeThePostcode’s not the only thing that has been updated in OSM world. OJW has written a nice web-based app that lets you upload and edit waypoints before uploading them to the OSM database. Check it out here.

Thats all from the list for this week…