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Downtime announcement: 23 June 2011

Thursday 23rd June 2011 7:30am (GMT/UTC+0) the API and map data editing on will be unavailable. The maintenance period is expected to last for 12 hours.

The following services will be unavailable during the maintenance period:
API, editing features of and including replication diffs.

The wiki, mailing lists and will be unaffected.

Technical: Some of the core servers are being re-located to another data-centre.

Additional information will be posted on the wiki as the maintenance window approaches:

Tile server upgrade

The OpenStreetMap server team has upgraded the tile server to render changes faster. Demand for OpenStreetMap tiles has increased steadily as the project grows. Recent increases in demand for tiles has lead to long waiting times for mappers who want to see the results of their improvements to the map.

Thanks go to Grant Slater, Jon Burgess, the team, and many others who keep improving OpenStreetMap every day in ways large and small.

Read the announcement and hardware details on talk@.

Speedometer photo by Nathan E Photography is licensed CC-By

New Changeset display

The OpenStreetMap web site was updated today. When you view the history tab, you’ll now see a map with bounding boxes shown for recent changesets in the area. Hovering over the changeset will highlight the bounding box, and vice-versa.

This improvement was coded by Mikel and refined by Mikel and TomH.

Read more about this from Mikel’s announcement on his blog.

Potlatch 2 is here

OpenStreetMap editing just got faster smarter and smoother! We’ve done the switch-over to Potlatch version 2 on the ‘edit’ tab of the OpenStreetMap homepage. If you haven’t tried it already, click that ‘edit’ tab and get mapping!

This represents a lot of development work by Richard Fairhurst, Andy Allan, randomjunk, and others. The work really picked up pace recently, with everyone pulling together, but Potlatch 2 has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now. It doesn’t stop there of course, but it’s ready for prime-time now, so we’ve made the switch. We hope you like it, but for now you can still get back to the old potlatch by hovering your mouse over the edit tab.

So what’s new in Potlatch 2?

  • User-friendly tagging with customisable presets
  • WYSIWYG rendering
  • Vector Background Layers
  • A more flexible undo/redo system
  • OAuth support so you can deploy it on other websites

Keyboard shortcuts and other aspects of general editing have largely stayed the same

We’ll be working to update documentation and hopefully create some nice new video tutorials etc (and anyone can help with these things) but for now you can find out more on the Potlatch 2 wiki page and the Potlatch 2/Primer

OSMF Logo Competition

The OSMF recently launched a new mediawiki powered site at with a basic logo.

We’d love to have a logo that better reflects the foundation, and would like to follow the success of crowd sourcing a logo for the SOTM conference.

If you have an idea for a logo please submit it here:

and the board will choose or request changes to a winning entry at the December board meeting. Please spread the word, we’d love to see all the different ideas possible.