API Read – Write returns

The sysadmin team completed the data base migration to the new DB server on schedule during the the morning of 04 April 2012. The API is now back to normal, Read – Write operation. Now the final steps of the license upgrade will proceed as outlined in the March – April service schedule announcement

Other items of possible interest as the license upgrade process proceeds:

osm.org map tile generation will recommence within the next few hours.

Replication diffs during the license upgrade period have started after community requests. These cc-by-sa data replication diffs are found in the redaction-period directory on planet. planet.openstreetmap.org/redaction-period. These diffs will only serve the period up until the switch to the new license. Mappers have requested these diffs for the redaction period. General consumers of OSM data may choose to consume these diffs or not at their discretion.

ODbL diffs will be located in another directory to be announced in future.

During the redaction period it is recommended that editors save their work early and often to reduce the chances of, and the complexity of conflicts with the back ground redaction process.

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7 thoughts on “API Read – Write returns

  1. Andrew

    I assume remappers will be most affected by conflicts. Is the database being redacted in a geographical order and if so could you warn people where things are happening?

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  3. Leon

    Is there any chance of getting an update on the rebuild status?
    According to the schedule, it starts very soon, but have the tools been completed?
    What areas are going to be used for the bbox based testing? (so people know where to watch for problems).

    So far i can’t find anything recent on the rebuild list or here to say how the coding has been going. I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s wondering about this.

  4. Zer

    I think it would be a good idea to still have a notice on the openstreetmap.org site, showing that redactions are going on. Perhaps a link to this blog entry would suffice.

  5. Gregory Marler

    Is there a way we can tell if osm.org map tiles are the new ODbL version or not? Presumably all tiles are getting regenerated, so do we just need to be told when the rendering has finished?

    It would be good so I can check for sure if things have gone, and how much.

    1. HarryWood

      I don’t think we will have a situation at any point where different tiles are under different licenses. The data and the tiles are distributed under is CC-BY-SA and will continue to be so, even as the work to “clean” the data progresses, and even where this work may appear to be complete. Just because an area is ready for the license change, doesn’t mean the license has changed. There will be some sort of declaration on this blog when the license actually changes.

      But if you’re asking for information about when an area has been made ready… it seems a lot of people are asking the same question here. It seems reasonable to me, but this is one of several open questions, and I’m afraid there’s very few people in a position to know the answers (the people doing the technical work) and some technical decisions are being made as things progress too. This is a complicated way for me to say “I don’t know”. Best place to ask questions may be the rebuild mailing list.

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