OpenStreetMap data license is ODbL

As of 9am (UK time), today, 12 September 2012, OpenStreetMap is now licensed under the Open Database Licence.

Thank you Open Data Commons for making legal tools available for the Open Data community.

[Update: Friday, 14 September 2012 approximately 18:30 UTC]
The XML-format Planet file took longer to generate than expected. It is now available in the new directory structure at You may experience slow downloads due to demand at this time.

Additional PBF-format files will follow as soon as they are completely generated.

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8 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap data license is ODbL

  1. HarryWood

    It’s been a long and painful process. Hard to believe the license has finally changed. There’ll be more transition pains and more remapping to do for some time to come, but it’s finally there.

  2. Christoph

    When will be the first planet file released under the new licence available for download at ? Minutely updates have already been stopped.

    1. RWeait Post author

      Hi Christoph!

      We’re all patiently waiting for the new planet file. It is taking longer to generate than expected, but still proceeding. Check every few hours, or idle in #osm on oftc for up to date information.

      I’ve heard that, “A watched Planet never dumps.” 🙂

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