Propose your session for State of the Map 2017!

In August the OpenStreetMap community will be coming together for our annual State of the Map conference, this year in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan. It is set to be an exciting three day event where mappers, programmers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policy makers will share their passion for OpenStreetMap.

We invite you to submit your session proposals for the 2017 State of the Map, by Sunday, 2nd April 2017.

You are encouraged to submit proposals for 20 minute talks, 5 minute lightning talks, and 75 minute workshops that will result in progress and excitement in the world of OpenStreetMap. Again, the deadline is Sunday, 2nd April 2017.

Apply here

In addition to our website, we are also delighted to introduce you to the logo for State of the Map 2017. Aizu-Wakamatsu is one of the historical cites in Tohoku district, Japan. As such the design contains elements inspired by the Tsuruga Castle, the circular emblems of feudal lords of Aizu Clan, and the letters “會津” that were used for Aizu during the Edo period. You can read more about the design here, and our thanks go to Shunnosuke Shimizu for the wonderful logo.

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6 thoughts on “Propose your session for State of the Map 2017!

  1. SotM team

    Note: The scholarship sign up form will follow next week. If you are proposing a talk and want to apply for a scholarship too, then you will need to complete both forms.

  2. Jun Amanto

    My neme is Jun Amanto.
    I am dancer and Acter.
    I am making an art eco village using OSM in an old downtown in Osaka.
    I am working on arts and regional revitalization with local communities.

    I am looking forward to the Japanese convention.
    See you soon in Japan.

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  4. Brea Hopkins

    I’ve just started working mapping field just last month.
    I’m a very begginer but could I participate this conference as an audience?

  5. Mohammed Zia

    Hello SotM Team,

    Where can I check for my all presentation submissions? Apparently, the final submission click is not dropping us a confirmation email at our primary email contact.


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