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Map Kibera project featured on Flickr Blog


The Map Kibera project ( is putting Kibera
on the map.

Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, widely known as Africa’s largest slum, remains a blank spot on the map. Without basic knowledge of the geography and resources of Kibera it is impossible to have an informed discussion on how to improve the lives of residents.

Flickr is able to use the map created by Map Kibera and OpenStreetMap
( for placing Flickr geotagged photos.

See the Flickr Blog entry here
and keep up with the Map Kibera ( and
right here on OpenGeoData.

WordPress Plugin OSM v0.9

Michael writes:

After one year I have released the version 0.9 [of the OSM wordpress plugin] which includes a lot of feedback from people using OpenStreetMap in their WordPress blog. The progress of OpenStreetMap maps and the fact, that many people use OpenStreetMap in their blog is motivating to keep the development of OSM-plugin running. Features implemented within the last year are covered by version 0.9:

OSM-shortcode generator in WP-settings

performance improvements

integrated icons

several gpx and kml files within one map

interface for geocaching

simple popup-html-marker with custom field

template tags to be added in the WP-theme

load non-OSM tiles

add controls like scaleline, mouseposition

These pages are related to the OSM-plugin:

Download @ :

Plugin @

Wiki @

Author @

Nestoria Hiring OpenStreetMap expert(s)


Nestoria was an early adopter of OpenStreetMap and has sponsored every
State of the Map conference to date. Now they are interested in
hiring some OpenStreetMap talent.

From the @nestoria account Twitter


“Want a job where you get to build things with #openstreetmap ? We’re
hiring, join us:

This could be your big break into the world of commercially-backed OSM
contributors. Give them a ring.

From their Job posting on

What positions are available?
We’re currently recruiting for:

* Engineering Manager (permanent)
* Technical Product Manager (permanent)
* Engineering Intern (3-6 months)

All positions will, unless stated otherwise, be based in our central
London office (in Clerkenwell).