3 thoughts on “NYTimes uses OSM in Moscow Bombings Reporting

  1. Neil

    Its a very clear map customized nicely to their purpose. You can’t do that with proprietary maps. They do mention the sources at the end of the article.

  2. Gregory Marler

    I believe the New Statesman were the first well known newspaper/magazine to use OpenStreetMap along news stories. All the way back in April 2007.http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/mark-thomas/2007/04/police-labour-arrestedBut to be honest, that was only while I worked there. It’s great to see other publications follow suite. It would be interesting to here what the process of creating this image was. Did Cloudade create, or the NY Times with help from CloudMade? Are they set up and ready to make more maps as soon as they need? Will we be seeing all their maps be OSM?RE: Attribution. Us OSMers are used to seeing the attribution on the map. But I believe it is quite acceptable to have it at the end of the article, and this is the norm in the print industry.

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