Nestoria Hiring OpenStreetMap expert(s)


Nestoria was an early adopter of OpenStreetMap and has sponsored every
State of the Map conference to date. Now they are interested in
hiring some OpenStreetMap talent.

From the @nestoria account Twitter


“Want a job where you get to build things with #openstreetmap ? We’re
hiring, join us:

This could be your big break into the world of commercially-backed OSM
contributors. Give them a ring.

From their Job posting on

What positions are available?
We’re currently recruiting for:

* Engineering Manager (permanent)
* Technical Product Manager (permanent)
* Engineering Intern (3-6 months)

All positions will, unless stated otherwise, be based in our central
London office (in Clerkenwell).

One thought on “Nestoria Hiring OpenStreetMap expert(s)

  1. freyfogle

    Hi, Ed from Nestoria here. It’s true we’re long-time believers in OSM (many thanks to all of you for your efforts). Just so there is truth in advertising though, the roles we’re looking for are not pure OSM dev roles. They are however pure "work at a great company doing cool things (including some use of OSM)" roles though ;-)Please get in touch if interested.

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