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OSMonth: Day 4

Need to figure out who to thank… today it’s Martin Dodge and Matt Amos!

So far:

  • Upgraded opengeodata to latest wordpress and activated askimet to kill all the fricking spam
  • Ongoing stuff to get Merkaartor speaking 0.4
  • Got a basic edit page in place in the rails port and got the view/edit/traces tabs working
  • more rails trace stuff
  • Found out why way/xxx/history is returning 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. This is a WONTFIX as it’s not that big a deal and I’ll make sure it’s working in the rails port
  • Fixed up the rails API to support node/segment/way history calls and fixed a few severe bugs on the way (changeset 1700)

Not sure if there will be an OSMonth day tomorrow as I feel a bit ill. If not then things will restart Sunday or Monday.

OSMonth: Day 3

Still no camera although Amazon Jersey says it’s en route. Todays late-start thanks go to Andy Robinson and Dan Karran

Stuff done today:

  • Fixed odd zoom levels in the slippy map (bug 306)
  • Fixed a bug where if you just looked at index.html the view, edit, login links etc had crazy lat/lon values
  • Created an italian mailing list
  • Begun dropping everything from the tiger import that was broken tiger import. Done! Something like 25 or so million segments, nodes and ways gone.
  • looked at and converted some potential GPS data (from a currently anonymous source) in to GPX to see if it’s useful (it is)
  • Camera arrived, setting it up
  • Camera (stevecam) set up, take a look on the sidebar. Should upload every 2 minutes. Brightness issues to be worked out.
  • Fixed a bug stopping traces getting imported
  • An awful lot of tile work to figure out how to render all the tiles we need to (summary here)

A good day!

OSMonth: Day 2

First things first, figure out who to thank… And thanks go to Richard Fairhurst and Thomas Walraet.

Things done so far:

  • UTF8 database output which is fixed in the API but not the planet dump, looking at that. Fixed, see diff.
  • commissioned, tiles moved over there from dev
  • added tile@home and WMS-C to the main page
  • If you’re about in London this evening I’ll be at OKFN Forum on Civic Information No. 2
  • repaired a (serious) database corruption issue
  • UCLs (where openstreetmap is) network went down then came back
  • fixed a road in Brockham, Surrey that was missing after the Surrey Hills party
  • Looked over tile stuff on the train, went to some interesting talks and got to spend some time with Mikel and Nick Black. Headed back in to train oblivion. Had to cycle back 15km at 12:30am. Yes. Really. Still, more data for OSM!

OSMonth: Day 1

It begins! I’m bored of waiting for the webcam (which amazon thinks will be here tomorrow or the next day) and I want to get on with coding. Today is sponsored by Tom Carden and Nick Black. I’ve been doing a lot of tile stuff lately so I’m going to hack on the rails port of OSM which really needs to get finished. I’m not sure to what extent I’ll be on IRC as it seems to detract a lot from actual work.

Things done today:

  • With help from gagravarr fixed a datum error in the Nottingham data
  • Got the way API working in the rails port (bug 283)
  • Got the map API working in the rails port (bug 288)
  • Half of getting GPX upload and import working (bug 287)

A good start, with 9 commits and 2 bugs squished (you can subscribe to the RSS feed for subversion over here).