OSMonth: Day 4

Need to figure out who to thank… today it’s Martin Dodge and Matt Amos!

So far:

  • Upgraded opengeodata to latest wordpress and activated askimet to kill all the fricking spam
  • Ongoing stuff to get Merkaartor speaking 0.4
  • Got a basic edit page in place in the rails port and got the view/edit/traces tabs working
  • more rails trace stuff
  • Found out why way/xxx/history is returning 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. This is a WONTFIX as it’s not that big a deal and I’ll make sure it’s working in the rails port
  • Fixed up the rails API to support node/segment/way history calls and fixed a few severe bugs on the way (changeset 1700)

Not sure if there will be an OSMonth day tomorrow as I feel a bit ill. If not then things will restart Sunday or Monday.