OSMonth: Day 3

Still no camera although Amazon Jersey says it’s en route. Todays late-start thanks go to Andy Robinson and Dan Karran

Stuff done today:

  • Fixed odd zoom levels in the slippy map (bug 306)
  • Fixed a bug where if you just looked at index.html the view, edit, login links etc had crazy lat/lon values
  • Created an italian mailing list
  • Begun dropping everything from the tiger import that was broken tiger import. Done! Something like 25 or so million segments, nodes and ways gone.
  • looked at and converted some potential GPS data (from a currently anonymous source) in to GPX to see if it’s useful (it is)
  • Camera arrived, setting it up
  • Camera (stevecam) set up, take a look on the sidebar. Should upload every 2 minutes. Brightness issues to be worked out.
  • Fixed a bug stopping traces getting imported
  • An awful lot of tile work to figure out how to render all the tiles we need to (summary here)

A good day!