OSMonth: Day 2

First things first, figure out who to thank… And thanks go to Richard Fairhurst and Thomas Walraet.

Things done so far:

  • UTF8 database output which is fixed in the API but not the planet dump, looking at that. Fixed, see diff.
  • tile.openstreetmap.org commissioned, tiles moved over there from dev
  • added tile@home and WMS-C to the main page
  • If you’re about in London this evening I’ll be at OKFN Forum on Civic Information No. 2
  • repaired a (serious) database corruption issue
  • UCLs (where openstreetmap is) network went down then came back
  • fixed a road in Brockham, Surrey that was missing after the Surrey Hills party
  • Looked over tile stuff on the train, went to some interesting talks and got to spend some time with Mikel and Nick Black. Headed back in to train oblivion. Had to cycle back 15km at 12:30am. Yes. Really. Still, more data for OSM!

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