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No OSMonth today

Or yesterday. I got called away to do some other work relating to previous contracts I’ve worked on. Tomorrow is the winter solstice meetup in Birmingham, come along. My birthday is next week and then it’s xmas so whilst there won’t be many consecutive days work on OSMonth as I’d like they will of course all still happen and be blogged here. In the meantime here’s a map to contemplate:

OSMonth: Day 10.5

Thanks go to Edmund von der Burg and Nick Whitlegg

  • UTF8 hell today. Looks like data is broken in the db now. String.isutf8 is only in Ruby 1.8.5 (current stable for most distros is 1.8.4) so backport needed for checking.
  • patched cgi.rb due to a big hole
  • added PRCONDITION_FAILED on rails api if segs nodes arnt available, or ways segs

OSMonth: Day 10

It begins… (and I’m having a hard time reconciling a bunch of payments so I don’t know who to thank right now)

  • fixed the planet script, an old copy generated the broken planet last night – new one tomorrow
  • updated schema to reflect yesterdays db changes
  • applet hacking

I’ve had to do a bunch of stuff for tonights ALN2 so calling it a half day.

OSMonth: Day 9

Thanks go to… Alex Willmer and Rhys Powell.

  • Doing database utf conversion so downtime needed. Done! tomorrows planet dump should speak utf8
  • Bunch of fixes to the Yahoo-based applet and deployed.

That’s it, two long jobs.

OSMonth: Day 8.5

Begin again… thanks Frankie Roberto and Eckhart Wörner

  • Read through a bunch of latin1 -> utf8 stuff and announced downtime on monay to fix it
  • Wrote a GeoRSS ruby class for OSM (changeset 1771) and in the process found a big bug in the rss that OSM currently spits out that I WONTFIX
  • Got pagination (though not the rails native pagination, it’s slow) working with GPX files
  • put together a post about maplexing OSM data (see next post)
  • Hooked up the RSS feed and cleaned up trace pages so they are almost identical to the existing pages (changeset 1771)
  • initial go at viewing traces by user or tag

c’est fini

OSMonth: Day 8

Today is brought to you by the number 8, the day Thursday, and ISO 8601 which tells us Thursday is defined as day 4 within a week (the wonders of wikipedia). Oh and Frankie Roberto and Eckhart Wörner

  • Spent time trying to figure out why API spits UTF8 but planet dump doesnt, still. Think the simplest solution is going to be converting all the db data to UTF8 but need to run some tests to see if it’s going to do the Right Thing.
  • Looked at getting the Yahoo logo in the applet. This arose from our early screenshots, apparently it needs the Yahoo branding which is fair enough

I got called away mid day to deal with some boring stuff, so it’s only a half day. Tomorrow will begin at 8.5, supported by the same guys.

OSMonth: Day 7

Today is sponsored by Trevor Spiteri and Dominic Hargreaves! Thanks!

Stuff done today

  • Got the camera back up
  • Going to fix some crazyness that stops the applet deleting segments. Arghhh.
  • Russ Philips won the poster and book that were offered as prizes, they’ll be on the way shortly. The method for choosing the winner was `select rand();` and `select count(*) from osmonth;` and multiplying the two numbers together to get a row number, then getting the row details.
  • Speaking of posters, the last one is up for sale on ebay
  • winter UK meet up confirmed (see next post)
  • Wouldn’t usually mention this here, but there will be a number of OSMers at Ask Later Nights #2 so it might be worth a look.
  • added tags to gpx files in the rails port
  • cleaned up the single gpx view, fixed import bug
  • replied to a metric ton of OSM email


OSMonth: Day 6

It begins… …and it ends. Been a busy day. Today was brought to you by Dean Earley and Russ Phillips. Have been hacking on the applet for the Yahoo imagery stuff and rendering lots of tiles with todays planet dump. Unfortunately the tiles didn’t really pay off and the applet won’t be live for a little while yet. Oh well.

OSMonth: Day 5

Day 5! This day is brought to you by Steve Clark and Ralf Zimmermann 🙂

Stuff done so far:

  • nodes and segments (plural) (bug 308) rails API calls to get multiple nodes/segs
  • ways too
  • GZip compression on the rails API output
  • Got rails daemons working (needed to import gpx files every n minutes)
  • bvh on IRC asks what OSM Central command looks like:
  • Blogged about the SIS plugin, see next post
  • Lots of GPX stuff, it’s almost all there. Missing pages and the tags just get thrown away right now. But, it parses and inserts the data and draws the pictures. The big picture is even animated now.

That’s week 1 gone, we’re 1/4 way through already!