OSMonth: Day 7

Today is sponsored by Trevor Spiteri and Dominic Hargreaves! Thanks!

Stuff done today

  • Got the camera back up
  • Going to fix some crazyness that stops the applet deleting segments. Arghhh.
  • Russ Philips won the poster and book that were offered as prizes, they’ll be on the way shortly. The method for choosing the winner was `select rand();` and `select count(*) from osmonth;` and multiplying the two numbers together to get a row number, then getting the row details.
  • Speaking of posters, the last one is up for sale on ebay
  • winter UK meet up confirmed (see next post)
  • Wouldn’t usually mention this here, but there will be a number of OSMers at Ask Later Nights #2 so it might be worth a look.
  • added tags to gpx files in the rails port
  • cleaned up the single gpx view, fixed import bug
  • replied to a metric ton of OSM email


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