OSMF board election – Candidate nominations open

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The OpenStreetMap annual conference, State of the Map is coming up soon. Which means that the OpenStreetMap Foundation Election to the Board of Directors is also coming up soon! Here is what you need to know. Two of the seven board seats are up for election this year.

Who should serve on the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board?

You. You should. Do you care about OpenStreetMap? Can you work with others, to improve OpenStreetMap, in a collective, institutional way? Do you understand the basics of the most important aspects of OpenStreetMap, and bring important skills, perspectives and abilities to the board? Then present yourself as a candidate.

Candidate requirements

  • You must be a paid up member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Join the OpenStreetMap Foundation
  • You must be a normal member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Normal Members have obligations in addition to those of Associate Members

You can be a candidate and a voter without attending in person at the AGM in Buenos Aires.

Steps for candidacy

  • Accept my thanks for stepping forward as a candidate.
  • Check that your OpenStreetMap Foundation membership is current.
  • Change your membership from Associate to Normal, if not Normal already.
  • Add yourself to the candidate table on the wiki.
  • Prepare a candidate statement to present your strengths, skills, perspectives and intentions to members who may not know you. Link to that document from the candidate table. See similar information from the 2013 Election to Board
  • Follow any election-related threads on the mailing lists with questions for the candidates.

Start preparing now. The announcement, official dates and deadlines will come up before you know it.

And thanks again.

Election details

The election is usually held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and State of the Map each year. Details will follow shortly, on the wiki.

Proxy voting by email has been available for voters unable to attend State of the Map in previous years. Details to follow.


It is expected that the board election this year will use STV rather than simple “highest count wins” voting from previous Board Elections. Wikipedia describes it as: The single transferable vote (STV) is a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation through ranked voting in multi-seat constituencies (voting districts) but read the article for more details.

Happy Mapping.

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