Buenos Aires in 3 weeks

In three weeks from today the international OpenStreetMap conference “State Of The Map” comes to Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We shall be announcing the programme very soon, it’s taking us a while to process all the fantastic session submissions we received. Rest assured we have a great line-up in the making, with our unique blend of talk topics around cartography, community, technology, and local perspectives.

Argentina, gira Caribe y Sur AméricaBuenos Aires photo cc-by-sa2.0 Ricardo Patiño

There are, of course, OpenStreetMappers throughout the globe, so it’s a shame we haven’t taken the international conference to the southern hemisphere before. In three week’s time we’ll be putting that right! A long journey for a lot of people, but (important geography fact) in the southern hemisphere November is spring/summer time! Book your flight now! (conference tickets are still available) Buenos Aires promises to be a superb destination for the annual gathering of our OpenStreetMap community.

2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires in 3 weeks

  1. ayj

    Seems strange that andy tow is no invited, everyone who uses mapping to analyze data in Argentina owes him a lot

    1. HarryWood Post author

      Everyone who is part of the OpenStreetMap community or is interested in OpenStreetMap should consider themselves invited to this conference. I suppose you could say it’s the intention of blog posts like this, to “invite” all those people, but we also rely on our community to help spread the word and make sure that people know about it. …so please, go ahead and invite Andy Tow. He and anyone else can register for the conference here

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