Last chance to vote by email

Today is your last chance to vote by email for this year’s foundation board elections. If you are a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and you are not planning to vote at the annual general meeting in Birmingham this Saturday, then please read the proxy voting information and follow the instructions carefully to send a proxy vote request by email.

As well as voting for three board candidates, we are also asking members to vote on the Articles of Association. See Simon Poole’s previous blog post explaining this.

Proxy voting closes today at 22:00 UTC, but final votes will be accepted in person if you’re coming to Birmingham.

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One thought on “Last chance to vote by email

  1. Terence william abela

    Im in ingham forrest beach were ive had to take 2 weeks off for my father inlaw .we have just put him in palms nursing home in ingham as he is dieing with cancer ive forgotten to vote as ive had lots on my mind

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