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The OpenStreetMap Foundation, State of the Map Working Group, (SotM-WG) announced today that State of the Map 2013 will be held in Birmingham, England, from 6th – 8th September 2013.

The State of the Map 2013, in Birmingham will be the 7th edition of the official OpenStreetMap conference State of the Map (SotM). State of the Map conferences include:

  • Birmingham, England – Friday through Sunday, 06 – 08 September 2013
  • Tokyo, Japan – 2012
  • Denver, USA – 2011
  • Girona, Spain – 2010
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 2009
  • Limerick, Ireland – 2008
  • Manchester, England – 2007

After more than five years, State of the Map is back in England. The country where not only the project started, but also the country where the first SotM was held.

The Birmingham bid-team are excited to host State of the Map. “We will work hard to ensure we have a memorable State of the Map 2013” Brian Prangle, the local team lead, says.

More information about the program, sponsoring, etc. will be made available in the coming months.


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13 thoughts on “State of the Map 2013 – Birmingham

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  2. Jeremy Morley

    And don’t forget to make it a triple and come to the AGI GeoCommunity and FOSS4G conferences, 17-21 Sept. down the road in Nottingham. Direct by train…

  3. Mikel


    If only sotm had been scheduled a week later, attending both might have been possible for a lot more folks. I know the organizers have a lot to balance here, but we have to admit, a lost opportunity.


  4. RobJN


    I can confirm that this timing was discussed at length by the local SotM 2013 organising team. Essentially the decision finally came down to a combination of costs, availability and suitability of venues. When we looked for potential venues in November, the availability was already very limited. Despite this we spent considerable time to vet each potential venue. Unfortunately the best venue wasn’t available a week later. Other venues were not so suitable for the conference and would have cost significantly more.

    Given that we were looking for venues well before the Call for Venues was launched, and we still had problems, I would suggest that the call for venues for 2014 conference is launched 3 months earlier.

    Despite the gap, I’m sure people will still be able to attend both SotM and FOSS4G (if they wish) and could enjoy an week break in the UK between the events.


    1. Henk

      The issue of timing had also been raised during the selection process. Looking also at the arguments Rob has already explained, we concluded that the success of the SotM or FOSS4G conference is not related to both conferences being within a week from each other.

      Having that said … I’m sure the British bureau of tourism would not mind you staying an extra week to explore the British culture ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Steven Feldman

    Congratulations to the Birmingham bid team.

    Shame we missed the back to back opportunity which might have boosted attendance at both events. If you are a Brit or even a Euro it’s going to be a fantastic #Maptember

  7. Kenneth Field

    Maptember…wowsers! Lets not forget there are others to add to the list which start with the ICA late August…

    International Cartographic Conference Dresden 25-30 Aug
    Society of Cartographers Staffordshire 2-4 Sept
    British Cartographic Society (50th Anniversary) Leicestershire 4-6 Sept
    SoTM Birmingham 6-8 Sept
    [and breath….]
    AGI Geocommunity 16-18 Sept
    FOSS4G 17-21st Sept

    Have I missed anything?

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  10. Barry Rowlingson

    Here’s what we do between SoTM and FOSS4G – hire canal boats and do a geocruise from Birmingham (“more miles of canals than Venice”) and Nottingham (“its got a canal”). Are the connected? Can it be done in time?

    1. RichardF

      Yes, they are connected, and yes, it can certainly be done in time – it’s about four days’ cruise. One-way hire is generally difficult to arrange, sadly!

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