Ulf Möller

The OpenStreetMap Foundation has learned of the death of our friend and colleague, Ulf Möller.

Update: Help find the killer

Ulf’s family have asked if we can help find Ulf’s killer(s)? Please see the photos of the murder suspects and help if you can.

Ulf Möller, 1972 - 2012

Ulf discovered OpenStreetMap in 2007 and mapped in Munich and Hamburg as well as in other countries. He was the first German elected to the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board in 2009/2010 and served on the License Working Group with attention to detail, concern for the German OpenStreetMap community and courteous persistence.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board offers sincere condolences to Ulf’s family on behalf of the OpenStreetMap community. We are saddened and shocked by his untimely death.

The family has requested privacy at this difficult time. Please use the comments in this post to share your memories of Ulf and condolences for the family. They will know where to find them when they are ready.

Ulf’s family has kindly provided the above photograph of Ulf as we will remember him; Smiling, happy, cycling, and apparently mapping with his GPS.

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9 thoughts on “Ulf Möller

  1. Ralf Zimmermann (RalfZ)

    I have known Ulf only from our monthly OSM meetings and mapping weekends in Munich.

    He was friendly, helpful and positively driven. A really good guy.

    Ulf will be missed.

  2. Markus Semm

    Ulf was a great person and he did a great job for the OSM community, donating a part of his life time to improve the life of others.
    Now it seems that people terminated his life that do not even know what donation means.
    Too bad. I´m very sorry for your loss.

  3. Toni Erdmann (ToniE)

    I also met Ulf a few times on the monthly OSM meeting in Munich and we had good talks. He appeard to me as an open minded, positivly thinking guy.
    Ulf will be missed. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  4. Claudius

    Ulf helped shaping my image of the OSM community as being a positive one, open to discussions and with a drive to push things further. That’s how I perceived his engagement and that’s why his loss is leaving such a big gap behind. My condolences to the people close to him.

  5. Stephan Knauß

    I was shocked to hear these news.

    I knew Ulf from our OSM Meetings in Munich, we traveled together to the SOTMeu in Vienna.

    My sincerest condolences to the family. He will always live on in our hearts and memories.

  6. Lulu-Ann

    Died much too young.

    But his eager contributions to a great project and all his edits to the map will stay, and will even be with us everywhere we go.
    Whenever we have our GPS with us.

    Go map heaven for us, Ulf, with all the harps and clouds!
    We need a map when we arrive.


  7. Hergen Junge

    What a horrible death.
    The last time I saw him he was still at school – and then I moved to Namibia and lost contact.

    His death was a shock, also because I thought Germany was a safer place than the country I am in right now. People here are sometimes killed for cell phones but an EC card is not that different.

    What a nice guy and what he could have given to this world with his keen mind, friendliness and commitment.


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