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Chair of OSMF Data Working Group Steps Down

Mikel Maron has resigned his position of Chair of the Data Working
Group at OpenStreetMap Foundation. The Data Working Group assists OSM
contributors in matters of vandalism, copyright violation, editing
disputes and data policy. Mikel has served as Chair since the
formation of the DWG. OSMF Board thank Mikel for his service on DWG
and his continued service on OSMF Board. See Mikel’s announcement on
the OSMF Blog.

Mikel Maron steps down from DWG Chair

In an email to the OSMF Board, on 06 October 2010, Mikel resigned from his post as Chair of the Data Working Group.


I am resigning from the Chair of the DWG. My time commitments with other Foundation duties, Kibera, and HOT, are already more than full time. Steve has generously offered to take the helm from here.

Thanks everyone for the extremely hard work over the past 2+ years. I first became interested in these issues with the edit war in Cyprus, and we’ve gone very far in defining how the Foundation, reluctantly, gets involved in copyright, vandalism, and conflicts. Fortunately, OSM has been much less plagued by these issues than we might have imagined. Anyone can do whatever they want in OSM, and it turns out most everyone cares deeply about making the map the best map out there.

There’s still lots of work for the group to do, especially in widening participation in the group to ease the work load, effectively communicating the procedures, defining the limits of community license enforcement, and getting OTRS fully operational. Thanks again for keeping up with this work, and much thanks for Steve for stepping up.


The OSMF Board thank Mikel for his service as Chair since the founding of the Data Working Group and for his continued service on the board.

OSM Founder Steve Coast Leaves CloudMade


OSM founder, CloudMade co-founder and founder of OpenGeoData, Steve
Coast has resigned from CloudMade. Announced moments ago on his blog,
Steve said, in part:

I’d like to thank everyone I worked with in any capacity
at CloudMade, and I wish CloudMade, it’s employees, investors Sunstone
& Greylock and it’s operating companies Progression Partners &
Cogniance all the best in the future and I will continue to support
the company as a shareholder.

As for me, I’ll be taking some time off to think about the future and
perhaps get some more hangliding in.

But you should really read his full announcement.

I’m envious of his hangliding opportunities and we all know that
whatever is next on Steve’s list will be Fantastic.

I wish you “good lift” my friend.

Photo of the former CloudMade team by Shaun McDonald
is licensed cc-nc-sa

New OSM Quality Tool


Jochen Topf has announced his latest project. It is a tool to explore
the OSM database, inspired by Tagwatch, Taginfo and OSMdoc. This is a
nice addition to the tools we use to check and improve OpenStreetMap
data quality. His announcement, in part, reads:

For the last months I have been working on a software called Taginfo that
brings together information about OSM tags from the OSM database, the wiki
and other places. Somewhat like Tagwatch, Tagstat, and OSMdoc, but more
ambitious. 🙂

I am happy to announce that the beast is now available at

There are still some bugs and lots of missing features, but its already
usable. Updates are currently done manually, but I will do automatic daily
updates soon.

More details and background in Jochen’s blog entry at:

He’s made taginfo entirely Free Software / Open Source. You can find
the Taginfo code, under GPL v2 at github:

Image of the Week: Marburg Mapping Party


Mapping Party Marburg, Germany, 28.2.2010. Blind and seeing mappers
discover a tactile model of the Elisabethkirche.

See the full size image here.

This is a Featured image, which means that it has been identified as
one of the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or that it provides
a useful illustration of the OpenStreetMap project.

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