OSM Founder Steve Coast Leaves CloudMade


OSM founder, CloudMade co-founder and founder of OpenGeoData, Steve
Coast has resigned from CloudMade. Announced moments ago on his blog,
Steve said, in part:

I’d like to thank everyone I worked with in any capacity
at CloudMade, and I wish CloudMade, it’s employees, investors Sunstone
& Greylock and it’s operating companies Progression Partners &
Cogniance all the best in the future and I will continue to support
the company as a shareholder.

As for me, I’ll be taking some time off to think about the future and
perhaps get some more hangliding in.

But you should really read his full announcement.

I’m envious of his hangliding opportunities and we all know that
whatever is next on Steve’s list will be Fantastic.


I wish you “good lift” my friend.

Photo of the former CloudMade team by Shaun McDonald
is licensed cc-nc-sa

2 thoughts on “OSM Founder Steve Coast Leaves CloudMade

  1. Andy Allan

    It certainly was cramped! That was back in 2008 when were were still in Nick and Steve’s old office, just before we moved to a bigger office in the South Bank. Interesting that out of the people in the photo only 2 are still working for CloudMade.

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