Help Jordan Hatcher attend SotM

The author of the ODbL, Jordan Hatcher is looking for support to hit SotM. You can donate today. Read more on his blog post:

I’ve booked my travel and am in the midst of preparing my talk at State of the Map (SOTM) 2009 in Amsterdam.

Throughout co-founding Open Data Commons and drafting the Open Database Licence (ODbL), I’ve spent several hundred hours of attorney time, all donated pro bono. While I’m more than happy to donate more time to come speak at SOTM (including a day off work and about 2 days of prep time), I don’t want to be out of pocket on any of my expenses. Even though the licence may be free as in beer and free as in liberty, it isn’t free to travel from the UK to Amsterdam and stay two nights, especially in high season.

I’ve tried to travel and stay as economically as I can, and so I’m only asking for about 554£ to cover my expenses, which include:

– 159 € for return train travel Reading, UK to Amsterdam

– 280€ for 2 nights hotel

– 32 € for bicycle rental at Damstraat

– 75€ = 25 €/day for incidentals and food while traveling

– 100€ Community Passport registration at SOTM

Total 646€ (about 554£)

All money donated in excess of the costs of travel will go towards the goals of the Open Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit promoting open knowledge: that’s any kind of information – sonnets to statistics, genes to geodata – that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed. OKFN organizes events like OKCon, run projects like Open Shakespeare, and develop tools like CKAN and KnowledgeForge to help people create, find and share open material.

Please go to

.. to donate via PayPal and mark your donation “SOTM”

I also would very much like your suggestions on what I should cover in my talk – and if I don’t get a chance to address it feel free to come up and find me!