Finding things to fix

You might be familiar with the nonames layer which highlights roads which don’t have a name, typically because they’ve been drawn in from aerial imagery:


Now to aid you fix up TIGER there is a layer to figure out what needs checking. See what this looks like in San Francisco:


The red lines are roads imported from TIGER data which have not been edited yet, the green ones have been. The idea here is to find some red lines, click the ‘edit in OSM’ link at the bottom right and then modify the tiger:reviewed tag to be ‘aerial’ if indeed you can check it against aerial imagery.

Next is addressing. This layer shows where there are buildings, points of interest and ranges of address data. See this example in London:


This is really useful to see where we next need to add address data. Notice the patches of addressing most likely centred on key peoples houses. OSM started this way with roads around key people, and spread in to the fantastic map you see today. Employing the same strategy of exposing where the data is we can quickly fill in the blanks.

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  1. Skippern

    When will this be available as layers in or similar? For me it is easiest to gather the information in one single location.

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