Monthly Archives: January 2007

London mapping party retrospective

An enormously good time was had at the London mapping party this weekend just gone. We all met up at multimaps offices to divide up the city on Saturday morning and then went out and got on with it. A hour or two at lunchtime led to a lot of applet use (and mutterings about its various shortcomings) an data entered. Then off for an afternoon and the pub for drinks and food. Sunday saw much morning mapping and then nestoria-sponsored drinks. A lot done and a lot of mapping talk! 🙂 Special thanks to Dutch_DK for the above animation.

OSMonth: Day 17

  • Synced the tile generation xml with upstream (fixes a/b/trunk road colouring)
  • installed apache2-mpm-prefork on tile. -worker causes problems with multiprocessor machines and mod_ruby (fixes broken tiles not downloading)
  • removed the old mapnik layer and wms-c. Moved mapnik tiles to a nicer place (not /test/).
  • some mapping party organising (see following post in just a sec)
  • Brought the rails front page up to what the current one looks like.
  • Replied to a ton of email and did some conference organising stuff – looking good
  • Initial steps of importing an OSM dump in to the rails port to see what’s left to do and if it succeeds.

OSMonth: Day 16

  • Brought the mapnik db map layer on the front page up. It automagically renders data if it’s not there or if it’s too old.
  • done some more organising of the various upcoming parties, see previous post for one bit
  • deploying Nick Burch’s applet fixes… done. Also added a little ant task to sign the jars.
  • edited down the geospatial vision podcast (see next post). Might be able to get some audio out of talking to people at the pub at the oxford meetup too, not sure yet.
  • good IRC meet about the OSM international conference organised by andy robinson, lots of little jobs to fulfill!