OSMonth: Day 18

  • Load up the new planet… done. New tiles rendered should use full world vmap0 layer and correct pri/sec/trunk road colouring
  • And again today – london party stuff is showing up
  • conf/party organsising stuff and then IRC SOTM meeting – going to be tons to do
  • put the hacky tile autogen stuff in svn look here but its very very hacky

One thought on “OSMonth: Day 18

  1. joshy688

    Hey. I was wondering who I could email about the JOSM applet? I have been working on Swing components for viewing tile based map data, including NASA’s blue marble data. You can see one of my blog entries on the topic here.


    Who could I talk to about working together on integrating the JOSM applet and our JXMapViewerApplet to show OSM data on top of the blue marble data? My email is joshua.marinacci@sun.com. Thanks.
    – Josh

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