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Project of the Week: Vacation

This weeks project is to re-visit the map of the last place you went
on holiday and add as many ‘tourist’ features as you can remember, to
make it easier for the next visitor. You can do this from memory, by
looking through your holiday photos, or of course going there again to
check details!

More details and tagging suggestions for this Project of the Week:

This Project of the Week was presented by Graham Jones. Graham has
been mapping Hartlepool, England with family members since 2007.

Graham is also helping to organize the OpenStreetMap participation in
Google Summer of Code this year.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions, like Graham did
when he provided us with this PotW.

Travel trunk photo by joguldi
Licensed ccby

SotM 2010 Sponsor update


A couple of additional sponsors have confirmed for State of the Map
2010! This update brings news of a returning friend who we all know
plus a couple of names that everybody knows.

Returning as a diamond sponsor for the second consecutive year:



Welcome to a new silver sponsor for 2010:



Welcome a new sponsor for food and breaks.


There are still a few sponsorship spots available. Act now to sponsor
State of the Map 2010 and meet and greet with a wide cross-section of
the movers and shakers of the OpenStreetMap community.

Sponsor State of the Map 2010

[HOT] H.O.T. Kit Fundraiser

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Kate Chapman wrote:
Hey All,

Nicolas Chavent and I are heading to Haiti on June 14th.  On previous
missions HOT left behind computers/GPS Units and printer scanners so
people could continue mapping.

At the moment there is no further funding for more kits, but we are
going to be moving out to additional cities in Haiti.

We are doing a last minute fundraiser to see if we can get money for
more kits:

If you want to help that would be most amazing,


More about the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

HOT mailing list

Ubuntu, OpenStreetMap and Google translate.


Some of our favourite OpenStreetMappers were showing OSM at a recent
Ubuntu Release party in The Netherlands. The response was great, or
so I’m told, but look at this?

What happened in the translation of the names in the photo caption?
Author and standing, at left, is Floris Looijesteijn and the
translation has created some kind of Cycling-super-hybrid.

Original links below.……

Image of the Week: OSM editor Mapzen


The image of the week is a screenshot of an OSM editing program,

About Image of the Week
These are Featured images, which have been identified as the best
examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the
OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on
Featured image proposals.

Project of the Week: FIFA World Cup 2010: Part 2

It may be the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world.[1] The
FIFA World Cup will kick off in South Africa next week. In
preparation, points of Interest were collected . All that remains is
to add the finishing touches.

You can help in 3 different ways:
– Map a training stadium.
– Trace buildings and other features from Y!
– Local mappers, add building addresses.

More details, tagging suggestions and links to stadium locations for
this Project of the Week:

This Project of the Week was presented by Nic Roets. Nic is a cyclist
and long-time OSM contributor from South Africa.

Nic is also the author of the Gosmore navigation and routing
application for OpenStreetMap.

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions, like Nic did when
he provided us with this PotW.

Soccer photo by susieq3c
Licensed ccby


Image of the Week: Map Kibera

The mappers above are mapping Kibera as part of the Map Kibera
project. From their web site:

Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, widely known as Africa’s largest
slum, remains a blank spot on the map. Without basic knowledge of the
geography and resources of Kibera it is impossible to have an informed
discussion on how to improve the lives of residents. This November,
young Kiberans create the first public digital map of their own

You can find out more about the Map Kibera project at their blog

Photo by ricajimarie
Licensed cc-nc-sa

Project of the Week – 22 May 2010: Gardening

Ah, spring is finally in the air in the northern climes. Tradition in
these parts of Southern Ontario (Canada) is to do your first gardening
of the year on the Victoria Day weekend. Any earlier and you risk a
frost-kill. Any later and you risk a frost-kill before you can harvest
your tomatoes and cucumbers.

So to celebrate Victoria Day, and nature’s awesome majesty in the form
of fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers, the Project of the Week
is to map the things that we plant in the ground.

PotW is a day earlier than usual so we can dig in the garden and enjoy
the weather.

More details on this Project of the Week

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions.

Diasies photo by gfpeck
licensed ccbynd

State of the Map 2010 – Schedules announced


I know that you have been waiting to see the schedule for State of the
Map 2010. And now I know that you will love it. The SotM team has
done a spectacular job of soliciting and acquiring a great line-up of
speakers and topics. You will want to buy your ticket and book your
trip now.

Day One: Business and Workshop Day

Day Two: Community, Tech, Quality and Scholarship Tracks

Day Three: Tools, Imports, Humanitarian and Cartography Tracks

One sign of an excellent conference program is having too many hard
choices between concurrent sessions. This schedule passes that test.
I’ve made many decisions on which talk I’ll attend, but others I’ll
have to decide at the last minute. This is a conference not to be

State of the Map 2010 – Sponsor update

A couple of additional sponsors have confirmed their return appearance
for State of the Map 2010! Both of these companies are supporting
State of the Map at the Silver sponsorship level.

Returning from sponsoring in 2009:


Curly Brackets

Returning to sponsor SotM for the third consecutive year:


ITO World

There are still a few sponsorship spots available. Act now to meet and
greet with a wide cross-section of the movers and shakers of the
OpenStreetMap community.