Project of the Week – 22 May 2010: Gardening

Ah, spring is finally in the air in the northern climes. Tradition in
these parts of Southern Ontario (Canada) is to do your first gardening
of the year on the Victoria Day weekend. Any earlier and you risk a
frost-kill. Any later and you risk a frost-kill before you can harvest
your tomatoes and cucumbers.

So to celebrate Victoria Day, and nature’s awesome majesty in the form
of fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers, the Project of the Week
is to map the things that we plant in the ground.

PotW is a day earlier than usual so we can dig in the garden and enjoy
the weather.

More details on this Project of the Week

This is your Project of the Week. Make suggestions.

Diasies photo by gfpeck
licensed ccbynd

2 thoughts on “Project of the Week – 22 May 2010: Gardening

  1. chillly

    ‘Pushing up the daisies’ means to be dead in the UK. This week’s project sounds like mapping cemeteries.

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