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As well as putting out an April fools day joke, there’s another thing we should remember to do when we’re three months into the year. Every three months we roll over to a new page of our archive of OpenStreetMap “featured images”. Here’s our images of January, February and March:

Mabel laser cutter.jpg Pic4Carto mapstats.png OSM-in-German-Tech-Museum.jpg Osmviz.jpg green paris poster.jpg Ramani Huria STEM boot camp school students.jpg OSMLanduse.png OSM Mapathon in Albania 07.jpg Lauri Vanhala Helsinki map.jpg Taipei meet-up Discussing notes.jpg Osm-in-opendataday-2017.jpg Noahmapping-statsimage.jpg FOSSGIS 2017 group photo.jpg

(click to view bigger images and explanations)

An OpenStreetMap Featured Image (otherwise known as “Image Of The Week”) is chosen each week. Recently we’ve been putting them out on twitter and facebook, so you’ll most likely have seen them there. Actually we’re a little behind on posting them, so consider this a preview! But featured images also appear each week on the wiki main page.

If you come across an image which you would like to put forward as image of the week (either your own image or somebody else’s), head over to “Featured image proposals” and edit that page to make your suggestion there. Anyone can join in with the process of investigating, improving and discussing the suggestions, and picking an OpenStreetMap image of the week each week. If wiki editing is difficult for you, just email CWG with your suggestions.

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