Community survey for the State of the Map 2017 program

Picture of people voting at Wikimania 2014, with license CC-BY by Sebastiaan ter Burg

Thank you everyone for submitting session proposals for State of the Map 2017 conference. We have a great line up of sessions this year, it is time to share your views and help shape the State of the Map 2017 program.

Please participate in our OpenStreetMap community survey. It’s open to all, whether you are planning a trip to Japan for the conference, attending virtually on the live streams, or just enjoying our session videos afterwards. You can provide us with your OSM username to help us with spam detection (we won’t share your username with anyone). You’ll then get a huge page of talks to rate, sorted at random. Feel free to rate as many as you like. Just don’t leave the page open for too long, as your session might time out. When you’re tired of it, just scroll down, hit Next until you can Submit your answers.

You matter in the creation of OpenStreetMap and we want your voice to be heard in the creation of its conference. The survey is only open until 23rd April 2017, so go to the survey now!

The open source survey tool is kindly hosted by Made4it (, a Belgian data analysis and market research company.

4 thoughts on “Community survey for the State of the Map 2017 program

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  3. Philippe Verdy

    It’s impossible to complete this very long survey in time without getting “timeout” once we reach the bottom of page.

    I’ve tried it twice without success. Each time I got timeout on the long screen with all projects.

    83 descriptions to read and evaluate at once in a single page is absolutely NOT realistic (and discouraging many people to continue).

    You should have better presented one project at a time (in a statistically randomized order to get opinion about all presented projects even if one does not complte the full survey, but answers opinion for just a few ones).

    And if possible provide a stable link (with a personal ID in an URL that can be kept) to continue the survey later.

    Otherwise people will just reply randomly, to all questions and your survey will not be significant.

    This web survey is the perfect example of what not to do: people cannot pass hours anserwing surveys and will no longer try again if they reach a final “timeout” where all their replies are lost and ignored even if they have passed significant time to reply correctly (because you use only temporary session tokens that expire too soon!).

    1. Benoît Fournier

      Sorry Philippe for your wasted time.

      Timeout is set on the hosted instance, we were not able to alter it.
      1 page with 89 abstracts or 89 pages with 1 abstract or anything in between is always bad.
      Think about FOSS4G community with 400 abstracts if you can…

      In the present 1-page survey, you can still answer (in a randomised order) or search for the keywords that interest you and submit, even if you don’t answer the complete set of questions.

      Tip about the timeout:
      You can go to the survey, save or copy/paste the full page and evaluate offline.
      Then you can come back to the survey, fill in (beware the randomised order) and submit.

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