We want you at State of the Map! Apply For a Scholarship!

OpenStreetMap is a world map of many people and places. And we want you all there for our upcoming State of the Map conference in Brussels.

Apply now for a scholarship and join us for State of the Map in Brussels!


Have you made an amazing map, written mappy code, contributed documentation, organized an event, or been an advocate for the OpenStreetMap community? Have you done it all? We want your voice as part of our international gathering. Don’t let the cost of travel stand in your way!

We use part of our State of the Map budget to assist individuals who may not be able to attend State of the Map for whatever financial reason. Support for one another is core to the mission of OpenStreetMap and our State of the Map conference. Scholarships help support the growth of a diverse and international map and an international conference. The point of our map is community, and we want you there.

Application can be found here.

We will carefully review every application and try to get you to Brussels. The scholarships cover full or partial cost of flights, travel expenses and accommodations. So let us know what you need and we will listen.

Your deadline: Sunday May 21, 2016.

Note: You can respond in English, en français, auf Deutsch, or in het Nederlands.

If you have any questions, concerns or want to provide additional information, please contact us at scholarships@stateofthemap.org.

This post is also available in: Dutch French German Japanese Ukrainian

9 thoughts on “We want you at State of the Map! Apply For a Scholarship!

  1. Abdoul Aziz Mohamed Lamine

    Bonjour !
    Je me nomme Abdoul Aziz Mohamed Lamine étudiant en licence en géographie aménagement membre de la communauté openstreetmap-mali, je suis intéressé par cet appel a candidature.
    Merci en comptant sur une suite favorable.

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  4. Abdoul Aziz Mohamed Lamine

    Natif du Mali je suis né le 24 décembre 1992, étudiant à l’Université des sciences sociales et de gestion de Bamako.
    J’étudie la géographie et je suis un passionne de la cartographie et aussi membre de la communauté openstreetmapmali.
    Je vous fais part de ma candidature pour postuler a cette conférence a Belgique ou soit poursuivre mes études supérieures.
    Espérant avoir une suite favorable mes salutations distingués.

    1. Samuel Paul ALCE

      Je suis Samuel Paul ALCE, Haitien, contributeur OSM depuis 2010, apres le tremblement de terre devastateur…
      As a coordinator, activator, OSM trainor, Attend the State Of the Map will help.me havi g much more skills and experiences to help all our OSM community in Haiti.
      I strongly recommend myself to attend and bring all the knowledge from this event to Haiti, to our OSM communities, to our future members!

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