New OpenStreetMap maps website with state-of-the art features by skobbler


OpenStreetMap is the best map when it comes to attention to detail. However, the experience of the map sometimes lags behind when compared to commercial implementation of the web-based maps. skobbler made an attempt at a new web-based map powered by OpenStreetMap:

There are some innovative features that were always missing with other solutions:

  • Auto-positioning via HTML5 browser positioning in Firefox and Chrome (if the user allows it)
  • Internationalised style in Germany and the US (coming to many more countries)
  • Drag & Drop Route calculation (just move the pins where routes should be calculated)
  • Multi-line address search
  • POI layers

Performance is very effective due to use of:

  • Modern and Fast map JavaScript Engine based on Leaflet
  • High-performance map tile loading due to worldwide big chunks of pre-rendered tiles (not only in the US)

Furthermore, there is a new map style with a good compromise of details and clarity. The address search for route calculations is temporarily based on a 3rd party geocoder (in default mode), but allows a single line address entry and very effective address coverage. 

Give it a try:

6 thoughts on “New OpenStreetMap maps website with state-of-the art features by skobbler

  1. unknown

    Is the right place for such kind of product advertising? I don’t think so!

  2. liotier

    @unknown – Innovative use of Openstreetmap data ? Seems perfectly on-topic to me… This is Opengeodata, not Opengeoapps !

  3. unknown2

    Why is this an "Innovative use of OSM data"? You’ll find a bunch of websites out there which can do similar things … Do you think any company should promote their OSM website here? lol

  4. dieterdreist

    I also agree that this is not the right place for product presentations. The map doesn’t work (at least at this moment and for my area), as it displays hardly any of the POIs present in the data. I couldn’t find any feature that isn’t already present in other maps as well (so how would this be innovative then?). The rendering style is a 0.2 version IMHO, and not "a good compromise".

  5. anonymous

    I think it is a very nice rendering style. I also applaud you for actually trying to make a site that displays data in user-friendly modern way.

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