OpenStreetMap and Summer of Code 2012

OpenStreetMap will have six projects in Summer of Code this year selected from a bumper crop of 28 proposals. Projects range from tools for data surveys to editor improvements to rendering improvements. Have a look at the full announcement and the list of projects, students and mentors. Students will be posting progress reports to the developers’ mailing list so that you can keep up with them.

2 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap and Summer of Code 2012

  1. Gregory Marler

    Will the "Video Based Speed Limit and Road Sign Detector plugin for JSOM" be building on the use of the 2009 GSoC project at all? I don’t know what it’s like but I hope the student/mentor are at least aware of it. the result will produce a nice work flow but will ask for confirmation of each item it wants to edit.I think I’m most excited by OSM Widget Creator, and if it turns out well I hope the community and OSMF will find good ways to promote it.I haven’t heard of Vespucci before, but I have an Android phone and keep thinking of alternatives to my Garmin.Good luck to all involved (students, mentors, and the OSM community)

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