Weekly OSM Summary #17

May 3th, 2011 – May 15th, 2011

A summary of all the things happening in the OpenStreetMap world.

  • OSM.org was updated with a refined changeset view. “When you view the history tab, you’ll now see a map with bounding boxes shown for recent changesets in the area. Hovering over the changeset will highlight the bounding box, and vice-versa.”
  • The OpenStreetMap Foundation has published guidelines for tile layers to be considered for inclusion on the OpenStreetMap web page.
  • The OSM tile server has been upgraded significantly after experiencing some performance problems due to high load by mobile apps that didn’t follow our Tile Usage Policy.
  • Since last week OSM has more than 400.000 registered members.
  • Henk Hoff has created a draft agreement for OSMF local chapters on the wiki and asked for input.
  • Emilie Laffray is stepping down from the OSMF board for personal and work reasons. The board appointed Oliver Kühn to the position of treasurer previously held by Emilie. The board will continue with six members until the next board election.
  • Early bird registration for State of the Map and FOSS4G is closing soon.
  • addr:housename is now rendered by Mapnik; here’s an example on the map.
  • MapCraft is a mapping party organizing tool with features like live chat, dividing the mapping area into slices and measuring the progress and more. (via Harry Wood’s Diary Entry)
  • Scottish OpenStreetMap ‘unconference’ – State Of The Map Scotland 2011. “Join the Scottish OpenStreetMap community to talk, workshop and hack for this two day event.”
  • OpenStreetBrowser version 2.0 is nearing release and is ready for some testing to find left bugs.
  • This WebGL globe shows you the volume of OSM edits around the world for the last 12 hours. (via @iandees)
  • OSM-3D also known as XNavigator developed by the University of Heidelberg has been released as open source.
  • The University of Munich has developed a new router specialised in looking at the wide variety of OSM tagging.
  • Version 0.9.6 of the WordPress OSM Plugin has been released.
  • Derick Rethans wrote a blog post about common misunderstandings regarding OpenStreetMap.
  • Pascal Neis added a few new features to “How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?”. You can now see how a user contributed the last 12 months. Further he created new stats for the OSM Inspector Routing View. You can find the complete analysis here.
  • “The Open Static Map Service [from MapQuest] enables the user to create beautiful static map images generated via an HTTP request for their website or publication.”
  • QualityStreetMap 2 is a web tool to document the progress made on mapping with aerial imagery or importing data for a given tile.
  • CloudMade released a new open source javascript library for interactive maps called Leaflet. It can be seen as an alternative to OpenLayers.
  • Peter Körner released a first batch of full-history extracts.
  • Mapnik2GeoTools is a small Scala tool with the goal of transforming Mapnik map definitions to something GeoTools and GeoServer can deal with.

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