Image of the Week: London Summer Mapping Evenings 2011


It is no accident that OpenStreetMap was founded in London, and that
the London OpenStreetMap community is so strong, so engaged and so
important to the everyday functioning and long term success of
OpenStreetMap. They meet often, they map often and they are
passionate about OpenStreetMap.

These are the faces behind many of the emails that you see on the OSM
lists, behind the code submissions that improve OSM and behind the
server racks adding another hard drive. Show us your local OSM group.
Add more faces to the OSM emails we read.

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One thought on “Image of the Week: London Summer Mapping Evenings 2011

  1. Harry Wood

    This picture’s also <a href="">on flickr</a> with some of the faces tagged.As Richard says, some of the people captured here are pivotal to the OpenStreetMap project, but there’s a few passionate London folk who didn’t make it into the picture (shoulda got there on time!) Conversely there’s some people here who were trying out mapping for the first time at this meet-up. This is pretty typical. Hopefully we didn’t scare them off with too much technical talk!Whether you’re a mad keen OpenStreetMapper or you’re just giving it a try, join us for a <a href="">London Summer 2011 mapping evening</a>! They come around approximately every two weeks, so the next one will probably be the week after the OpenStreetMap hack weekend.

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