OpenStreetMap on Television

London OpenStreetMap in K9 episode The Bounty Hunter

[Updated 20 May 2011]

Above is an image of London, from the OpenStreetMap Mapnik rendering style, as it appeared in an episode of K9. K9 is a television series for 11 to 15 year-old children, produced by Stewart & Wall Entertainment.

As OpenStreetMap contributors, we enjoy seeing our collective map used by others. The nice folks at Stewart & Wall Entertainment wanted to do more for OpenStreetMap than just use the map in their TV program. They have also written a nice note on their web site, thanking us all for providing a cool map. You should read the note in their news section because it suggests something very cool for the future. And they have added a credit on the series information page, too.

Thanks, Stewart & Wall!

[ 20 May 2011 update ]

Stewart & Wall have added a “thanks” to OpenStreetMap on the company credits page for The Bounty Hunter on IMDB.

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3 thoughts on “OpenStreetMap on Television

  1. Gregory Marler

    This was a featured image a few weeks ago so I already knew and thought it was cool. But Stewart & Wall get bonus cool points for their support & publicity of OSM.

    It’s annoying that the map image is out of date (or rather contains unmapped areas) but I understand this is the case you have to accept with production-to-broadcast time line compared to OpenStreetMap’s energetic mapping activity. In the same way I’ll never be happy with a printed poster of OSM on my wall.

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