Geocaching beta map includes OpenStreetMap

It’s nice to see interesting projects using OpenStreetMap for
interesting things. have a Beta map that allows
users to select OpenStreetMap mapnik tiles as one of many basemaps.
This is pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that we may be approaching
the point where OpenStreetMap and Geocaching start to make each other
noticeably better.

Geocaching and OpenStreetMap seem like a match made in a top of the
line GPSr. As a long time OpenStreetMap participant, it has always
seemed like a natural match. It seemed to me that Geocachers would
like OpenStreetMap. Why did it take me so long to try geocaching?
And what secret did I learn that Geocachers will want to know?

Learn the secret about OpenStreetMap that your Geocaching friends will want to know.

2 thoughts on “Geocaching beta map includes OpenStreetMap

  1. Gregory Marler

    I was a mild geocacher before an openstreetmapper. I’ve often wondered long and hard about the cross-over and how we can make it happen. I even thought up a mapping party idea where you hide a new geocache and the person who maps the whole of that section/slice can hunt for the cache before it’s published online.But eventually I understood a key similarity between mapping and caching…it’s amazing and we love it! As such, you get addicted to one and don’t have time for the other activity.

  2. Richard Weait

    With my _vast_ Geocaching experience of one day, I have to say that I found time to map while I was waiting for an opportune time to look for a cache. These were urban caches, in a very crowded area. I had a cup of coffee to sip while I made notes of address numbers and business names nearby.

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